Why Walmart Credit Cards are Worth Giving a Go?

From a single retail store opened in 1962 by Sam Walton, to a whopping 11,277 stores consisting of grocery stores, departmental discount stores and hypermarket chains across 27 countries all over the world at present, Walmart is the world’s largest growing brand in retail store industry.

From 0 to such huge revenues, it’s been a long way for Walmart. The customer base too has seen a huge rise, a fall in between and again an increase as of late. The fall was probably due to the unprofessional personnel policies and inappropriate treatment of the women employees.

Salvaging the Company Image

But these things mentioned above have indeed had a major impact on the company’s image. The stocks fell drastically, the customers lost their faith in the brand, and several competitors were growing simultaneously in the market. To salvage the brand from all these things, the brand has been adopting various strategies as of late. The first move was by the end of last year where they unveiled the new company logo and also revamped their mission statement. 

Along with these things, one more thing which they’ve constantly been trying to project is the new Walmart Credit Cards and Walmart MasterCard.

So, what are these credit cards all about?

Firstly, there are two types of Walmart credit cards; one is the Walmart MasterCard which you can use at all the retail stores and other stores permitting credit card payments. This is in short, just like any other regular MasterCard credit card. But this has been an application for some time now, and the benefits are comparatively lesser than the other type of credit card, which brings us to the other type of credit card.

The other type of credit card is basically a “Walmart Exclusive” credit card, meaning that the card can only be used in all the Walmart stores, subsidiaries, and related clubs. But the important fact is that there are a whole lot of benefits that come along with this credit card. You can use this card at Walmart’s online websites like Walmart.com, Jet.com, Samsclub.com, etc. You can use it on all kinds of Walmart stores and clubs, and Walmart gas stations.

The Amazing Benefits You get by Using Walmart Credit Cards & MasterCard

Following are some of the unbelievable benefits accompanying these credit cards:

  • First up, you get a $25 signup credit just by applying for these cards online. And this is a common benefit for everyone. There are also store specific benefits that differ from the Walmart store to store.
  • There’s a 1% benefit in the form of statement credit available on all the purchases you make physically at the Walmart stores and also at the infamous Walmart association club, the Sam’s Club. This benefit is available on both, Walmart MasterCard and Walmart credit cards.
  • Then comes the Walmart gas station’s exclusive benefit, wherein you get 2% cashback on every payment at the Walmart gas station. This benefit is common for both the Walmart credit card variants.
  • And one important benefit highlighted by the Walmart Adverts all across the United States is the earn 3% cashback benefit. Exclusively available only on online purchases made on the Walmart.com website of Walmart, this benefit is not available for Walmart MasterCard holders. Also, you don’t get this 3% cashback on other Walmart related websites like Jet.com, Samsclub.com, etc.
  • If you hold these Walmart credit cards, you don’t need to worry about any spending limits, unlike most of the other normal credit cards. Although there are some terms and conditions on the upper level and lower level of your spending limits, they aren’t binding like those of other companies.
  • There are no Annual fees or charges by the name of “Standing charges” or “Card Service charges,” etc. charged by Walmart on these cards which are a great plus point.
  • You get to withdraw $100 in cash at the register when you visit a Walmart store. And what is great is that this withdrawal is not treated as a cash advance, so you don’t have to pay any additional interest charges.

Some Drawbacks to Consider along with the Pros

  • Although both these cards have so many benefits, the Annual Percentage Charges (APR), i.e., the Interest Charges are exuberantly high at 23.65 % for the Credit cards and 17.65% to 23.65% for MasterCard. This can be a huge drawback since it cancels out most of the benefits of these cards.
  • The MasterCard can be used everywhere, but the credit card is only limited for use in the Walmart centric entities, which can be discouraging for customers to apply for such cards.
  • Although you can withdraw $200 at the ATM as credit using your Walmart Card, the charges are extremely high, and it is not rational to do so.


Walmart is trying to revamp its image dented for a long time. In the quest to please the existing customers and to attract new ones, the brand is trying to do some exciting things. Recently they unveiled a brand-new logo at the end of last year, followed by some significant policy changes. And soon after that, the credit cards have been projected aggressively. The MasterCard can be used in all the stores providing card payment options, while the other variant of Walmart credit cards can be used only in Walmart exclusive stores and websites. The benefits include cash backs at Walmart stores and Walmart gas stations, while there are a few drawbacks you need to consider as well.

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