Why Morocco is so Famous

Morocco is amazing! A destination which has the potentials to fill your holidays with thrill and energies enough to start your office with a new boost. I was in Morocco in March and explored the destination all along with the variety of activities there.

When I reach home, many of my friends, people connected to my Instagram handle, and my colleagues asked me about what I think about why Morocco is very famous. Tourism in Morocco is famous for many things including their unique foods, the beaches, mountains, and the very famous Sahara. But No, Morocco doesn’t end here, who will visit Chefchaouen and find for the reason of its blue colors and the Kif smells in the streets? Marrakech has a lot of things to explore for you. Morocco will not disappoint you anyway.

What You Can Explore On Your Morocco Trip?

You may explore a lot in Morocco. The Culture, History, architecture, and stunning places are in your wait. What about food to be on priority?

Food Tops in All the Experiences

Moroccon Cuisines deserves to be on top of your experiences. If you are in Morocco and didn’t explore its delicious dishes yet, get to any of the local, known restaurants and get a chance to taste the most famous dish in Morocco, Lamb Tajine. Tajine is made of different meats and recipes too. The very special thing about this dish is that it takes time and includes fresh things in it. In Morocco, you will find most of the delicious dishes which take time and cooked in the local spices, herbs to make it even more special.

Did you hear about the Moroccan Couscous? It is also one of the famous dishes in Morocco you will get a taste of. It is enriched of all the healthy vegetables and the pieces of Olives and meat. I tried couscous in Marrakech and that was my most of the time taken dish during my Morocco trip. Well, there are a lot of dishes which I can write about, but I’m only able to write here about the most famous. If you are in Agadir, or somewhere around, try B’stilla. It is the most delicious dish in Morocco. I’m feeling hungry now writing about my most favorite dishes there. Can we talk about what else Morocco offers to its visitors?

Unique Beaches Are There To Enthrall Your Trip

Yes, the actual thrill is there. Were you finding the perfect holidays on beachside? Welcome to the paradise beaches of Agadir and Tangier. Both holiday destinations are like heaven for most of the travelers. Find the pleasure in the blue waters there and bask in the soft sands of those ideal beach points to soak. Beaches there are not only for these purposes. You will find authentic opportunities on those beaches to surf, it is very famous for water sports. You will have the most adventurous activities there also. We had a cooking class on the beachside and that made our holiday an ideal one.

Don’t Think That the Sahara is Overrated?

Did you listen about the perfect holiday destination in Morocco Sahara? Moroccan Sahara is unique and offers you a luxurious and very smooth opportunity to have calm in your life. What Sahara is famous for, are the red dunes and the camel ride there. You will have a different morning in Sahara sitting outside your luxury tent, having the perfect breakfast overviewing the sun rising up. It is all magical, maybe my words can’t sketch to what we experienced there. But must take an opportunity to be on the perfect destination like Sahara, it will fill you up with more energies. For me, Sahara is not overrated, it is a place which really worth a visit.

Go Deep Down With the Moroccan Rich History

It is all about interest. Are you find of history? If yes, then it is for you to know that Morocco has a great famous history. You will visit the places in Morocco like Fez and Meknes to find the footprints of the Roman times, then comes the Islamic history and Civilisation. Islam in Morocco has been a very strong impact and that is why you will see the great monuments to show you how strong the Arab and impact of Muslim rulers were here. Morocco is an Islamic country but very diverse, friendly and welcoming. History says that Muslims and Jews were living together and so peacefully. They still accept Jews and Christians come to visit the places. Moroccans respect the history and know-how to preserve the history and historical places.

A Quick Tour to Marrakech and Chefchouaen

I know you will not miss visiting Casablanca, Rabat, Tangier and Agadir, but what else is important? Yes, Marrakech and Chefchouaen. It is important to tell you that Marrakech is a very famous city in Morocco, you can say a cultural hub where tourists prefer to come first. In Morocco, the very famous place to go is Djema el Fna. If you are with a guide, ask him to tell you the history of that place, visit the famous museums of the city and know about the delicious dishes of Marrakech by visiting the famous restaurants there. Filmora Scrn Crack

What Chefchaouen offers you is a beautiful landscape and a mysterious history of the blue color. In Chefchouaen, all the buildings are of the same color, Blue with hundreds of its shades. I found a small plant pot there colored blue. The reason might be interesting but I’m not telling you. You go there and explore the place and your questions regarding the place. Grab the tickets and take the air ride of almost 3 hours, it is the perfect holiday destination you may visit and get enthralled.

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