Why Is My Scale Not Budging

Why Is My Scale Not Budging?

You have been dieting and working out for months, and your weight loss has been going well.  You have changed your lifestyle to be healthier and more fitness minded.  But you’ve started to notice that your scale isn’t moving at the same rate.  Have you hit a plateau, or is your scale broken?  Chances are that you are making tiny mistakes in your quest for weight loss.  These little details are causing your weight loss to come to a standstill.  Here are some of those little things that can lead to your weight loss demise.

Why Is My Scale Not Budging?

Liquid Calories     

You are watching every single morsel that goes into your mouth.  But are you having the same discipline with your drinks?  Keep in mind that even those healthy smoothies can be calorie rich and can keep you from losing the pounds.  If you choose to consume the majority of your meal’s calories in a beverage, try to compensate with eating fewer calories for that meal or snack.  Keep in mind that the creamer and sugar that you put in your coffee each day can add up over time as well and can equal a lot of extra calories.

Skipping Meals

Sometimes people believe that skipping a meal is saving your body the extra calories.  What it is actually doing is causing you to consume more calories later in the day to make up for the lack of that certain meal.  When you start with a healthy breakfast, you can set the tone for the rest of the day.  At the same time, you are giving yourself the extra energy needed throughout the day.  For a healthy breakfast, be sure to eat both fiber and protein.

Portion Control       

It is common to get large portions at restaurants.  Most people trying to life a healthy lifestyle will eat half the meal and take the rest home.  When you eat at home, you must keep in mind those same healthy portions.

  • Protein:  one serving should be no bigger than a deck of cards
  • Whole wheat pasta:  one serving is ½ cup and should be the same size as a hockey puck
  • Fruits and vegetables:  one serving is the size of a tennis ball
  • Cheese:  one serving is 2 ounces and is equal to 3-4 dice
  • Whole grain muffin:  one serving is the size of a hockey puck
  • Fats, including avocado, olives or butter:  one serving is the size of 2 dice

Another tip to eat smaller portions is to always leave a few bites of food on your plate.  Also, if you use a smaller plate, you’re likely to eat less. 

Caloric Additions    

You may feel that your salad is a healthy meal.  Then you go and add on extra calories in the form of dressing, croutons, bacon and cheese.  Remember that everything you put in your mouth is extra calories.  If you are eating light, be sure not to add on the extra calories in the form of dressings, sauces and toppings.   

Eating Too Fast   

When you eat too fast, you fill up before your mind realizes that your stomach is full.  Eating at a more leisurely pace will allow you to stop eating as soon as you start to feel full.  When you eat slowly, you are able to enjoy every bite and really taste the flavor of your food.    

It’s easy to make these normal diet mistakes and cause your weight loss to come to a halt.  Keep up your daily exercise and fitness routines.  Simply change these few little details in your eating habits, and you’ll quickly start to see those pounds start coming off again. 

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