Why choose solar yard lights?

Solar yard lighting has been around for many years now. In the beginning, these lights were cheap and often of poor quality. They tended to be low in power, as the technology was not as advanced as today.  For these reasons, they may have earned a reputation that is not now warranted. However with today’s technologies – particularly the development of improved solar cells, more efficient battery packs and super bright LED bulbs, there are many good reasons to choose solar lights for your outdoor applications. Here are a few:

Environmentally friendly

Solar yard lights use the sun’s energy, which is renewable and free. They emit no pollution or carbon and therefore do not contribute to global warming (unless the battery needs to be replaced). These are important considerations for many people.


Reduce your power bill. Using the sun’s power saves money on your electricity bill.  Solar yard light fittings and products compare well with other lights in terms of cost, but they have the added advantage of having no wiring costs. This is particularly important where grid power is not readily available, such as in remote locations, around the garden or in your backyard shed.


No wires, trenches or digging. Solar lights can be easily installed in outdoor locations with no need for running cables, or digging up the garden. Because they have no wires attached, outdoor solar lights are simple to install – they are usually hung on a post or tree, mounted on a bracket, or pushed into the ground on a stake or post. Solar powered yard lights are long-lasting and generally require little or no maintenance, apart from possibly cleaning or dusting the solar cells to maximize their performance.  They also have sensors, which means you don’t even have to turn them on. Solar lights also keep on shining even when the power is out. This feature means your garden and outdoor areas can always be lit and are safe.
Solar lights now come in a wide range of styles and types to suit every outdoor application. They can be used in  pathways, on walls, for patio lighting, to highlight features in your landscaping, as security lights, or even for portable spotlights. Even better – if you want to change or re-design your outdoor décor, they are easy to move and re-install. The traditional stainless steel solar garden lights, also called post lights, are still a good way to decorate but check out the huge range available in other designs and styles!

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