What Makes A Good Gaming Keyboard?

What Makes A Good Gaming Keyboard?

Are you one of those newbie gamers who want to have the best gaming setup? If yes, you should look for a gaming keyboard first. The reason is most of the time; you will be using the keyboard to control your actions.

Also, having a good gaming keyboard helps in enhancing gameplay. That’s what many game streamers say. And most professional gamers prefer to use mechanical keyboards.

Especially in Fortnite mechanical keyboards, there are countless features and responsive switches are available.

However, choosing the best amongst them is hard, as many manufacturers emerge with different keyboard models.

So for helping you choose the best gaming keyboard and letting you know what makes a good gaming keyboard, here we are with another detailed guide explaining what qualities you should look for on a gaming keyboard.

Build quality

As we all know how roughly gamers use their keyboards. That’s why a gaming keyboard needs to be strong enough to endure all the hardships. If you have a high budget, make sure the gaming keyboard you will buy has a strong ABS case and a metal backplate.

If you get violent and smash your gaming setup, at least your keyboard will be safe with this metal backplate beneath. Also, the sturdy cast is not sufficient; the keycaps should be better because you will be pressing them a lot of times a day. Ensure the keycaps are of hard material such as ABS or PBT, so they don’t wear off easily.

Mechanical switches

The second feature to look for on a gaming keyboard is its mechanical switches. Many types of mechanical switches are available, including red, optical, blue, brown, and green. So, you can get them depending on their responsiveness, noise, and lifespan. Also, if you want to use different switches for different keys, we recommend you get a gaming keyboard with a hot-swappable feature that lets you use different switches and change them instantly.

Anti-ghosting feature

The N key rollover feature is a must if you are into action games. As the name suggests, this feature doesn’t host any of your keypresses, so it gets registered and performs the desired actions. This feature helps make the keyboard even faster and more responsive, which enhances your gaming skills.

Customization options

Gaming keyboards come with a lot of customization options. However, the number of features depends on the price you are willing to pay. So we would recommend you not go for cheaper gaming keyboards unless they are on sale. Here are some of the must-have customizations for a good gaming keyboard

Backlighting- if you love your keyboard vibrant, backlighting, especially the RGB ones, will work wonders for you. You can customize them according to the colors you prefer and even turn them off if you wish.

Macro keys- macro keys are a must if you play games, including complex commands. You can save those commands using the keyboard macro keys. Moreover, many of the high-end gaming keyboards have fully programmable keys.

Media controls- other than gaming, this feature is for you if you are fond of watching movies. With media controls right beneath your fingers, you don’t have to reach for the speakers or mouse for controls.


The performance is what matters the most whenever you buy anything. So a gaming keyboard should have a good speed, life span, and working capacity, which in turn enhances its performance.


Other than all the technical stuff, a good gaming keyboard should be comfortable to use. It must have a cushioned wrist pad, so you don’t get your wrist sore after long hours of playing. Also, having rubber feet for adjusting height can provide you with a comfortable wrist posture.


Good gaming keyboards are hard to find but not impossible, so with the help of this guide, we hope that you will find the one for you. Having a special gaming keyboard will definitely take your gaming skills to the next level. Hence, we recommend you get a gaming keyboard as soon as possible. Lastly, if you have any other doubt, feel free to check our guides.

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