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What are the WordPress Hosting Prices?

WordPress is absolutely free for the public and anyone can download it and use it on their websites. As an open sourced software it offers you tremendous freedom with regards to the way you want to use it in your website. But in order to run a website on WordPress, there will be some expenses. In this article, you will learn more about the different reasons why WordPress hosting prices vary.

The main reason why WordPress websites have expenses is because you are required to pay for certain specific services:

  1. Hosting the WordPRess website
  2. The name of the domain
  3. The design of the business website
  4. The plugins and other extensions including external applications and so on.

You will be requiring the services of a web hosting company in order to host your WordPress website where all your files will be stored. All websites on the internet will need hosting services. The host will be the home of your website on the internet. You can find a number of different plans for web hosting depending on the type of website which you have. You will need to find a web hosting service which will suit your specific requirements and can fit your specific budget.

Once you settle on a good web hosting service, you must look for a good domain name. The domain name will be the main address of your website on the internet. Users will have to type that in the address bar of the browser so that they are able to reach your business website.

When you start to use WordPress Hosting, you will be able to get plenty of web templates which can be used for designing your business website. However, when you want to get more advanced and customizations then you should buy designer templates and this will increase the costs.

You can find over fifty thousand free design templates, plugins on the internet that you can use on WordPress websites. You should get more applications, extensions which enhance your business website and these can be purchased at some additional expenses.

Hence you will be able to easily build your business website with Website hosting facilities, domain costs but depending upon the specific context of your website you might have to add a lot of extra tools and enhancements.

It can be safely assumed that on an average, the costs incurred on maintaining a basic to moderate business website on WordPress would be around five hundred to one thousand dollars per year.


Although WordPress is in itself a free and open sourced software and it has lots of free plugins and themes for you to choose from, but there are additional costs which you should know about. You will have to pay for the domain address that you choose. You must pay for your web hosting services and any additional enhancements or tools which you add on your website. Hopefully, the information mentioned in this article will have helped you.


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