What Are The Best Way To Prevent and Treat Neck Pain

Due to our lifestyle, we don’t have to take much care of our bodies. We are so busy in our hustle and bustle of life that we merely get time to go to the park and take a stroll. The World Health Organization or popularly known as WHO has recommended having at least 150 minutes of activities per week but we cannot afford that much time also. As a result; we all end up in pains and aches in different parts of the body, while neck pain is the most prevalent and frequent of all. The young generation takes a visit by the Best Physiotherapist In Gurgaon every other day to get relief from the unbearable neck pain.

When you will consult with the Best Physiotherapist In Gurgaon, he may give you some suggestions that you need to follow in your daily life. The little changes like your posture or working style can have an immense effect on your health.

However, before that, check out the causes of neck pain in the following section.

  • Too much stress or any other mental issue
  • Poor posture
  • Spasm in muscle due to overuse
  • Injuries
  • Motor vehicle accident

What are the changes that can prevent neck pain?

As per the Best Physiotherapist In Gurgaon, there are certain things that can help to have a better experience to handle neck. The little changes will help you a great time to make a difference in neck pain.

  • Always keep your head, neck, and spine in one straight line. You should not do the slouching.
  • You have to sit straight in the chair with the support of the lower back.
  • Both of your feet should touch the floor.
  • Both the shoulders should be relaxed and down.
  • Keep the computer screen on the eye level
  • Never cradle the phone on the shoulder. If you have to attain the call while working, use the headset.
  • Take a break in every one hour. Take a stroll and change the posture while sitting.
  • Stretch the neck muscle while sitting on your work. You can easily do things like head rolling and a few others.
  • While sleeping, support your neck with a pillow
  • In case you have a habit of reading, make your position of head neutral with support of the pillow.
  • The most important thing that is suggested by the Best Physiotherapist In Gurgaon is to do regular exercise to relax the muscles.

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