benefits of affordable PGs

What are the benefits of affordable PGs

Pune is one of the most well-known cities of India. It is the second largest city of Maharashtra.There are some best places to live in Pune. It provides opportunities not only in jobs but also to students for higher education. Pune has some very reputed colleges for all streams and students from different states take admission in Pune.It has so much growing opportunity and reasons to settle in the city.

For students especially it is advisable to live in a Paying Guest/ PG. Although as compared to another city Pune is not expensive. Still for student PG turns out to be the best. Viman nagar is a good place to stay in Pune. The best PG in Viman nagar provides all the facilities needed to students. But some of the common facilities that are provided by the PG’s in Viman nagar are:

  • Sanitation facilities are perfect. Disposal system is well maintained. Clean washrooms are there and availability of sanitary napkins.
  • Ventilation in each and every room is perfect and rooms are airy.
  • Storage space is sufficiently available.
  • A bond (usually of 1 year) is also signed with all the rules and regulations written with clear roles and responsibility.
  • It is safe to live in the PG’s as there is a watchman 24 hours.
  • Good quality food is also given. Quality of the food is assured and it is completely hygienic.
  • Water is available anytime. Drinking water is separately available.
  • Electricity is also there and there are no power cuts as such.
  • Furniture is there and is sufficient as per the general requirement of students or people going for job.
  • Entry is not permitted to everyone. There are certain timings as well for visiting.
  • 24*7 medical services are available.
  • Usually PG’s there have a complaint room as well from where students or people living there can draw attention towards the problem faced by them. Corrective action is taken as soon as possible.

There is luxury PG in Pune as well that offers some additional facilities as compared to the other PG’s. Building a PG might not be an easy task but maintaining a PG is even tougher task to do. People from around the country come to take admission in Pune and live there. Even today if someone ask a person of Pune that he/she wants to live in a PG, the first place on their tongue is Viman nagar and this is not because of the popularity of the area but also because majority of PG’s in the area are maintained properly. All the facilities provided are regularly taken on review and the faults are corrected. Maintenance of a PG calls for paying attention to the problems of the student. They need to solve their problem as and when they arise and that’s why PG’s in Viman nagar are so famous. Ask yourself first where you want to live? And then choose wisely because you may need to spend time there because of your education or job.

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