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What are the 8 supernatural powers and 9 divine treasures granted by Goddess Sita to Lord Hanuman?

Hanuman is the God of power and a devotee of Lord Rama. Hanuman is not only a God but a very important character of the Indian mythologies and the Ramayana epic. Chiranjivi is another name of Hanuman.

He is not only a devotee of a God but also the son of God. He is the son of Vayu or the wind god. If you are a devotee of Lord Hanuman, then you probably know that Hanuman is worshiped for a lot of reasons.

As previously mentioned, Hanuman is one of the most important characters of the epic Ramayana along with Lord Rama, Goddess Sita, and Ravana.

According to the story of Ramayana, Lord Hanuman got eight supernatural powers and nine divine treasures from Sita. If you don’t know much about those, then you are in the right place. Here we will discuss it in detail. However, before that, take a look at why Lord Hanuman is worshipped.

  • Who was Lord Hanuman, according to the epic Ramayana?

Apart from the brief introduction given about Lord Hanuman, the son of the wind God or Vayu, his other name is Pawan Putra. However, Vayu is not his actual father.

His mother, Anjana, worshipped Vayu and got the blessing to have Hanuman as her child. You will be able to find multiple legends related to the birth and childhood of Hanuman. Lord Hanuman is mainly worshiped for his strength, wisdom, and courage.

  • What are the eight supernatural powers and nine divine treasures that lord hanuman got from the goddess site?

Mata Sita, or Goddess Sita, blessed Hanuman total of 17 blessings. The 17 blessings consisted of 8 supernatural powers or astha siddhi and 9 divine treasures or navanidhi. It is also mentioned in one of the verses of Hanuman Chalisa. At first, let’s take a look at astha siddhis then we will discuss nabanidhis.

  • supernatural powers or astha siddhis of lord hanuman –
  1. Anima – This power helped him to decrease one’s size.
  2. Mahima – This power helped him to make one’s size bigger.
  3. Garima – This power helped him to become heavier.
  4. Laghima – This power helped him to become lightweight.
  5. Prapti – This power helped him to obtain anything he wanted to.
  6. Prakamya – He could fulfill desires through it.
  7. Isitva – This power helped him to choose lordship over creation.
  8. Vasitva– This power helped him to get control over everything.

Nine divine treasure or navanidhis of lord hanuman –

  1. Mahapadma
  2. Padma
  3. Shankha
  4. Makara
  5. Kachchhapa
  6. Mukunda
  7. Kunda
  8. Nila
  9. Kharva

Final thoughts

People worship Lord Hanuman for wisdom, strength, and blessings in their lives. Furthermore, if you have an interest in Indian or Hindu mythology, then knowing about Hanuman is necessary.

The Ramayana is one of the most important parts of Hindu mythology, and Hanuman is one of the most important parts of it. However, Ramayana only covers the part of adulthood of Hanuman’s life. If you want to know about him in detail, then you can search online or read old mythological books.

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