register your Pvt Company online

Want to register your Pvt Company online?

Nowadays it has been seen that people are more interested in having their own Pvt Ltd company available. The reason behind the same is they can manufacture their product, and they will let it maintain its place in the market under their name. For the same, they must get their company registered. Under Companies Act of 2013, it has become mandatory for the ones who are dealing with the company to register their company by Ministry of Corporate Affairs. This provides legal identity, which makes them distinguishable with other companies available in the market.

If you are among those, who are also looking forward to opening a Pvt Ltd company that it is must for you to look forward to Pvt limited company registration. When you are looking forward to Pvt limited company registration, there are certain documents which are required by you.

Documents required are:

  • Passport
  • Aadhar Card
  • Ration Card
  • Driving license
  • Electricity bill
  • Telephone bill
  • Voter identity card

Nowadays all the services are available on online platforms as well. Therefore you can look for Pvt ltd registration online. In that also you need to contact to MCA and then you can further put all the documents which are necessary to get it registered.

Here are few steps which you are supposed to follow when you want a hassle-free Pvt ltd registration online.

  1. At the very first you must have a digital signature certificate available with you.
  2. After that, you need to obtain a director identification number.
  3. Now the names you have suggested to make it reserve.
  4. Attached the certificate of incorporation.
  5. You are ready to start your business now under MCA and all these Company Act rules and regulations.

These are the steps which you are supposed to follow when you are looking forward to the registration of your Pvt Ltd company.

It is also necessary for you to get sure about few things which will help you in getting clear that all the documents you have attached are authenticated. If any of the documents will found to be e unauthenticated, then it will become difficult for you to get your Pvt Company registered.

If you are not sure how you can do it on your own, then you can consider agents available. They will help you in getting this is clear with you quickly, and also they will help you in figuring out how you can do these things more effectively.

Also, if you are not sure that what are the documents and how you will find them to be genuine ones or not, then you can ask the agent available. They will help you in letting know whether the documents you are attaching an appropriate or not. Also, if you want, you can visit the online portal. Online portals details and mention two through the offices of MCA about the documents and about the processes which you are supposed to follow when you want to get your company registered online.

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