Video marketing is the future!

Video marketing is one of the most popular areas of Internet promotion; today it can be attributed to the category of the most promising options for attracting audience attention to Internet resources, goods, and services.

As a means of marketing promotion, you can use various video content – educational, humorous, thematic commercials, presentation materials, and analytics.

There are also enough sites for posting materials on the network, and most of them work on a fee basis appvalley. Take at least the popular video hosting services and YouTube (Subscribe, by the way, to my channel – YouTube), Vimeo, Google Video.

Video marketing as a means to an end

Video marketing has no equal in the matter of branding and advertising promotion of goods. With its help, you can quickly and effectively increase product recognition, create the desired image for the company, achieve sales growth or website traffic.

Among the obvious advantages of video marketing are:

  • the high popularity of video hosting sites hosting similar content
  • unlimited impact on the audience
  • video content is beautifully indexed by search engines
  • the ability to make targeted advertising, personalize the product
  • lack of high competition
  • The possibility of applying a creative approach to the organization of advertising campaigns.

Video Marketing: Secrets

1) Attract attention from the first steps. The original or recognizable account name is already a step towards success. It is only important to observe the principles of semantic correspondence of the account name and the content posted on it.

2) A catchy headline is half the success. It’s good if it is thematic, meaningful, with carefully selected keywords.

It’s important not to duplicate the content. By posting the same video on several sites, you should pay attention to the creation of different options for the titles.

This will increase the chances of successful video promotion by search engines (with competent optimization of video content in general).

3) During the optimization of a description containing foreign names, it is worth using them in two versions – foreign and transliteration. The description itself should be detailed, interesting, intriguing, and bearing a semantic load.

It is in this section that it is also customary to place advertising links and motivating calls to action (“even more video by link”)

4) The selection of tags for the video is an important element of video marketing. The higher their thematic relevance (relevance) – the better for further promotion of the video.

5) The integration of a video hosting account with social networks allows you to speed up the dissemination of information about the publication of new videos between all user accounts.

6) Video responses and video comments to videos by other users are an effective way to attract the attention of an audience to the content you post.

7) Video marketing involves partial automation of promotion processes. So, uploading videos 123netflix to various video hosting services (except YouTube) can be entrusted to

But it’s better to work with YouTube in manual mode, otherwise, the risk is high that the system considers the account spammed and sets a lock on its use.

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