Using brick as a backdrop of your home décor to create classy, modern and elegant interiors

Modern interiors and brick walls may have been mutually exclusive in the past, but they have the trump card for contemporary homeowners and architects. People are gravitating towards the astounding brick walls to generate that tough of unique personality, texture and dash of timeless elegance. You sprinkle that in your living space.

  • Some people find that a living room’s exposed brick wall as an expression of the building’s rich and historic past. It blends the present with the past.
  • For others, brick walls are a tool of adding character and elegance to an otherwise drab interior that contains stone and glass.
  • Regardless of your reasons or aims, brick walls are certainly here to stay.
  • The exposed brick wall in the living space comes in a wide variety of hues and forms.
  • You can merge it with different styles like vintage and contemporary to shabby chic and industrial.
  • Modern living rooms have accent brick walls. It’s a hot trend now.
  • If you live in an apartment, private or loft residence, where you’ve covered up your brick walls, the time is ripe to let the original and pristine brickwork come to life.
  • The style and color of brickwork can make a dramatic difference in the overall appearance of your living.
  • For modern rooms, a smart and safe option is to paint them white. It keeps the brick backdrop neutral and adds texture to the space.

Different inspirations-different results

Whether you want the look of a Scandinavian-inspired room, or a rustic and relaxed charm, or a Mediterranean vibe, or an industrial Elysium ideal for sipping coffee, or a low-key, dim background jostling with bookcases, exposed brick can do it for you.

  • Classic red brick walls explore tasty and warm segues all over the property, extending to the kitchen.
  • Cool grey lends a more subtle background for your individual design. If you have appliances like generators, you can keep them beside these styled walls, beneath a portrait.
  • Put generator covers that match the wall color.
  • The red brick walls invite your outdoors inside. Supplement it with folding French doors and elegant white couching.
  • You can lend an outside vibe to your interiors by creating an exposed brick wall just behind a tree accent.
  • High-ceilinged doors and wood-sculptured furniture can form a natural oasis.
  • Lounge chairs will give a modern and mid-century vibe to the space.

You can use dual-tone brick in natural red and shocking white. Line your books on one part for scholarly appeal.

Accenting your exposed brick wall

Open-backed shelving is a great option. If you have a gorgeous and big wall, you can encapsulate its brick with a large bookcase.

Add pops of different shades to it. You can also add a dab of greenery and wood accents around the wall.

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