Understand the Background of Bridging Visa B


An overseas visitor should have at least a minimum knowledge about the bridging visas. As per Australian law, one should have valid permission to make the Australian stay a meaningful and peaceful one. Thus the permit in hand should be a substantive one. But circumstances may change and compel a visitor to take necessary action. With this view in mind, the Australian Government has come up with bridging visas to improve the circumstances legally.


Every possible circumstance and need of the visitor is forethought well, and solutions in the form of bridging visas are offered. Here the referred bridging visa b is for the circumstances necessitating ‘depart and return’ clause. To apply for bridging visa b Form1006 should be filled up. For bridging visa 020, the following points are expected to be kept in mind.

  • The application should be completed in English
  • No question can be omitted while answering
  • For want of space, if any answer is written in a separate sheet, it should be duly signed
  • Some of the details provided in the application may need the provision of documentary proof
  • If any new circumstances crop up after the application is lodged, the information should be provided to the Department
  • All the data are made available in the Department’s website.
  • Validation of the request is possible only after the charge is paid in full
  • Address of intended residence must be provided, and it definitely can not be the address of a post office box

An overview:

The following points clarify the salient features of bridging visa b subclass 020 are as follows:

  • It is a temporary visa granted depending on the prevailing circumstances
  • All the bridging visas entitle one to stay lawfully in Australia
  • But it is only subclass 020 of the bridging visa allows the applicant the luxury of leaving and entering Australia during the ‘wait out’ time of decision making or judicial review
  • The reason for leaving and re-entering Australia must be a genuine and valid one
  • It must be understood that this visa subclass 020 is to bridge the gap between two substantial visas

Timing out correctly:

There is an appropriate time for all the procedural activities during the visa time like the –

Travel time:

The visa b, the very purpose for which it is granted defines the travel period. This is the only lawfully valid for the ‘depart and re-enters Australia’ time. This travel time period solely depends on – i) the reason for the intended and impending travel ii) the time gap needed for deciding on the substantial visa applied

Apply time:

The expectations for application time are that the –

  • Circumstances for application should be carefully considered
  • Lodging of BVB application and its grant are possible only when the applicant is in Australia
  • Understanding that the deciding time for further substantive visa grant will  take into account of when a BVB is processed to avoid  undue delay
  • Understanding for the recommendation has it that there is an allowed buffer period
  • It should be no less than two weeks and no more than three months for BVB application

Condition time:

If granted the visa notice will give clarity as to the defined travel period. The conditions attached to it are – i) extension of travel period under a particular BVB is not possible and ii) to make it possible another BVB has to be lodged

Provision time:

This is the time when one has to provide – i) evidence for the cause of outside travel and ii) intended travel time in advance

Valid time:

It is considered valid to – i) simultaneously hold a substantive visa and BVB ii) re-enter Australia within the allowed travel period and iii) to stay put during the visa deciding period

Closing time:

The closure of visa application will consider the following –

  • Indicating the travel period in BVB in case it is granted
  • If outside Australia, providing another BVB in case of travel period coming to an end for re-entry
  • If in Australia, providing another BVB in case of travel period coming to an end for a must ‘depart’ situation

Finale time:

It is the end time for a BVB in the event of – i) another substantive visa being granted or ii) one more bridging visa being granted or iii) either the BVB or the held substantive visa is cancelled iv) the applicant being outside Australia at the end of travel period or v) travel period ending and one departing Australia

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Every year the fee structure is adjusted on july 1st. Better to have an updated version of it through website www.homeaffairs.gov.au/trav/visa/fees.Electronic payment mode is made available. One has a grace period of 30 days to lodge the application for visa 020 after online payment.

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