Tungsten Rings

Tungsten Rings: A symbol of unity, dignity, and prosperity

You might be thinking that how a Tungsten ring carries so much importance in the life of a married couple, right? Here we are to help you understand some of the important facts about these rings and their types of available in the market, and its pros.

Some of you need to know facts about the Tungsten ring

Tungsten is derived from a Swedish word which means ‘heavy stone’. It was previously called as wolfram. That is the only reason why its chemical symbol is ‘W’. 

Wolfram was first produced from Wolframite which is a chemical substance. Wolframite is known to interfere with the smelting of the tin and so it is also called ‘the devourer of the tin’.

This metal has the highest melting point among all the other metals available. It melts at 6,191.6 degrees Fahrenheit. If you talk about its hardness, is 3 times harder than cobalt and titanium. 

If you talk about its usage, then these bands are the highest purchased bands in America. It is used as Men’s wedding rings. 

There are various types of such rings available at present in the market. Some of them are explained below. 

Types of Tungsten rings available for use!

  1. Women’s Tungsten Rings

It is designed thin and light, perfect for today’s modern woman. These Women’s rings are manufactured and designed to feature the toughness of this material yet stylish to look to her in her fingers. 

We have seen couples purchasing matching Tungsten Wedding bands to denote their unity and commitment that will be lasting throughout their life. Hardly any other band will match the style of a Tungsten band.

  1. Black Tungsten Rings

Sleek, Sultry, and Stylish are some of the adjectives given to the Black Tungsten rings. These rings are very eye-catching. Getting you away from the traditional bands, Black rings sets you a class apart. 

Getting a matching pair of these Black bands will stand you both out from the crowd as a couple.

  1. White Tungsten Rings

While these rings are ideal for men and women who are fond of keeping the same white metal of their wedding ring. It can be used in place of Platinum and Gold. The durability term associated with these rings keeps it unique in place of Platinum and Gold. 

It brings the beauty of Platinum in combination with Tungsten’s durability in White carbide rings. The process uniquely mixes this material with the Rhodium to make a white like the Platinum color on the ring’s carbide. 

While these rings are also an excellent option for the people who are allergic to Nickel. Here, this ring is combined with Rhodium to develop the White Tungsten band. So, people who are allergic to Nickel can select this type of rings, which are hypoallergenic in nature.

These are some of the best-known bands in the market. Let us now discuss some of the pros of these rings.

Pros of using These Rings

  • Scratch Resistant – They are the most scratch-resistant metal known to mankind. 
  • Toughness – They do not bend like gold and silver. 
  • Color Availability – They are available in multiple colors like white, black, gray, etc.
  • Affordable – This metal is the most affordable jewelry if you compare it with gold or platinum. Also, it comes with proper weight as you can have it in gold or platinum.
  • Easy use – You can easily remove these rings in case of any medical emergency. 
  • Hypoallergenic – Individuals who are allergenic to gold or silver can opt for this kind of jewelry. 

Also, we would love to give you some of the tips which you can keep in mind while purchasing such a ring.

Tips while purchasing this ring!

  1. Stick to the retailer/manufacturer who is ready to give you the lifetime warranty.
  2. Purchase your ring from the businesses that use jewelry grade.
  3. If the retailers fail to tell you how the rings are made, then select some other retailer.
  4. Since these rings cannot be resized, please see to it that you give the correct size and you receive the correct size at the time of purchase.
  5. There are many kinds of Tungsten rings that are available in the market. While purchasing a men’s or a women’s Tungsten band, make sure you have a budget of at least $50. If you are planning to purchase somewhere below this budget, then opt for some stainless steel or titanium bands which are the right option.

We hope that the information fetched about the Tungsten bands is sufficient enough for you to choose among the jewelry options available in the market. And also we hope that the pros were enough for you to select the best metal at the time of your marriage or any function where you can present your near and dear ones with any form of jewelry.

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