Truck Bed Accessories For Winter

When the temperatures turn chilly, it’s time to get your truck ready for the winter. Cold weather, sleet and snow can damage a truck bed that’s not properly protected. Set down your best floor liners for cars to keep muck off the interior, then take a few steps to prepare your truck bed for the season with pickup truck bed accessories.

Truck Bed Liner

Guard against weather damage and rust caused by moisture buildup with an all-weather truck bed liner. A sturdy bed liner provides a barrier between snow and your truck bed, and holds supplies in place while driving. Look for a liner made from a durable material that won’t be prone to cracking in extreme temperatures. Protect the interior of the truck from daytime winter sun damage with a custom windshield sun shade that will prevent the dashboard material from cracking. Add the best floor liners for cars to shield the floorboard from snowy boots.

Weatherproof Storage

Stow tools and winter weather supplies in a moisture-resistant toolbox fitted to your truck bed. Head out to work with all your tools securely stored, or stock up to go winter camping. A well-packed toolbox is also a handy home for a winter emergency kit. Pack the space with essentials like water, a flashlight, non-perishable snacks, a first aid kit and a warming blanket. Stash a snow scraper, thick socks, water-resistant gloves and a couple of flares to be prepared in the event of a winter slide-off.

Truck Bed Cover

Keep snow, rain and all other winter precipitation out of your truck bed entirely with a hard-top truck bed cover. Driving with built-up snow in a truck bed can be hazardous to other vehicles on the road, as loose snow can fly out in transit. A sturdy truck bed cover keeps everything stowed in the bed away from the elements.

Truck Cover Support

A full-body fabric truck cover protects the whole vehicle from moisture and cold while it’s parked. If you live in a place that doesn’t get too much ice and snow during the winter months, consider a fabric cover supported by an adjustable support pole. The added centerpoint helps rain and dirt slide off the cover, keeping it out of your truck bed.

Truck Bed Weights

In slick, icy conditions, a truck with an empty bed can slip and slide. Weighing down your truck bed for the winter helps distribute weight along the length of the vehicle, providing stability in winter weather. A half-ton pickup needs about 250 to 300 pounds of heft added to the bed for an ice-heavy winter, while a full-ton truck needs closer to 400 pounds. Truck bed weights come in a wide range of materials, from budget-friendly, tube-shaped sandbags to water-filled nylon bags. Options vary in durability and price. Choose the right truck bed weight for you based on how much snow falls in your area.

Protect your truck inside and out before winter storms move in. Head to a trusted supplier to find high-quality accessories, the best floor liners for cars and all the tools you need to weather-proof your truck and drive safe this winter.

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