Top Uses of Outdoor Solar Lighting

The advent of outdoor solar lighting has made garden lighting quicker, cheaper, and easier than ever before. New solar garden lights use high tech technologies like LEDs, which burn brighter and with less energy than standard bulbs and advanced battery technology to capture the sun’s rays and turn it into beautiful light for your home and garden. While there are a few drawbacks to them, solar lighting has several different uses that it is particularly useful for.

Driveway Lighting

Solar powered lights are ideal for driveway lighting, especially if you plan on using solar driveway lights, try lining your driveway with mushroom or tiered lights. These small lights will and cast light down onto it to create soft, gentle light. In fact, these are some of the most popular types of solar lights because their design, which usually involves a top piece shaped like the cap of a mushroom, lends itself easily to putting a solar panel on it. This makes these lights cheap and widely available is almost every home improvement store. Most driveways, at least in suburban neighborhoods, are usually not covered by tree and receive a lot of direct sunlight, making this a great area for the installation of solar lights as well.
As if this weren’t enough, the planning and installation of these lights is a snap. All you have to do is decide which light fixture you want to buy and how far apart you want to place the lights. Then you just place the lights in the ground and forget about em!

Path Lighting

Path lighting is also great for outdoor solar lights. You can use the same type of mushroom or tiered lights that you might want to use on your driveway to create a sense of continuity around your property. Another option is to install solar powered lantern shaped lights. These lights will cast light on a larger area so you won’t need as many. There are also many different styles of these to choose from, so depending on the mood you are trying to set you can choose anything from a old-fashioned lantern to something that resembles a post-modern streetlamp.

Deck and Patio Lighting

Another great use for solar lights is for deck and patio lighting. Lanterns and other types of lamps are very popular designs of solar lighting because they have a large area on the top where the solar panel can be placed. There are any number of different lanterns that you can install on your deck and patio the will brighten them up at night only for the startup cost of the lamp.
Outdoor solar lighting is a great option for your home and garden. While there are more and more different uses for solar powered lights each day, they are most effective when used for driveway, path, and deck lighting. This is because the common lighting fixture choices for these three types of lights lend themselves easily to having solar panels on them. This makes them cheap, easy to find, and very popular.Have a great time enjoying your after hours time outside your home.

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