Top 5 Reasons Why eBooks are Better than Printed Documents

Even with the rising popularity of eBooks and mobile eReading apps, many readers find it difficult to chose between printed documents and eBooks. Some people might still prefer the tactile feel of traditional printed books and other documents, eBooks do have some distinct benefits and offer a wide range of features that print cannot. While printed documents are not going away anytime soon, there are a number of cases in which eBooks provide great advantages to readers over traditional paper media. Businesses have looked to offer such benefits to their customers and business partners.

Companies from across the globe have displayed a keen interest in outsourcing ebook conversion services to the leading service provider companies. Outsourcing allows business organizations in successfully converting their business documents, product catalogs, journals, periodicals, etc. into eBook formats. Such converted eBook files can then be easily shared to thousands of intended audience based in any part of the world. When companies share their product catalogs with the target audience, it turns out to be a highly rewarding marketing strategy.

5 Ways In Which eBooks Offer More Advantages Than Print

1) eBooks Are Highly Portable As Compared To Print

Printed books, especially, hard copy editions can be extremely heavy and may cause several issues when a user wishes to carry them around. Ebook outsourcing companies can convert such hefty documents into eBooks which can be easily accessed via smartphones or eReading devices. Such digital devices are quite light in weight and, therefore, can be easily carried from one place to another. An individual can carry an entire library in his pocket.

2) eReaders Have Built-In Dictionaries

While reading any text we all come across words which we don’t know or might have read before but don’t the meaning of. It can often be a frustrating situation and can hamper the reading experience. We all have to find a heavy physical dictionary or use google to search it up. Most contemporary eReaders have built-in dictionaries that allow the readers to look up for the meaning of words by just tapping on any word. The meaning or definition of the word would appear right on the screen without the reader even having to leave the app.

3) eBooks Take A Lot Less Space

Readers are known to collect a lot of books. They constantly buy books, magazines, catalogs, etc. to satisfy their reading urges. Soon the avid readers are left with a lot of heavy books and documents which often take a lot of storing space and require special attention. eBooks solve this problem as they do not take any physical space. They are much easier to store and do not undergo deterioration over the course of time.

4) Font Size & Style Are Can Be Easily Customized

We all have come across printed documents which had a very small font size and demanded extra efforts from us to read them. In other cases, the font style would not appeal much to the likes and tastes of the readers. All such reading issues and concerns can be avoided with the use of eBooks. They offer a variety of font sizes and styles which can be easily chosen by the readers as per their convenience.

5) eBooks Are Good For The Environment

Last but not the least, eBooks can be great for the environment as they help to save trees. Printed documents are made from paper, which is obtained from both dead and living trees. In this era of rapid digitization, it is the best idea to go paperless and save the environment one eBook at a time.

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