Top 4 Best First-Person Shooter Games to Play in PC

We all know that PC games play a big and important role in our lives. Some people might just see it as a mere game, but for us gamers, these games teach us various valuable lessons in life. Games have indeed been evolving from low-quality pixelated games to very realistic graphics.

There are various genres of games to play. There’s MMORPG, Action, FPS, and so much more, and we owe it all to these amazing developers. If you are looking for the best FPS game to play in PC, then you’re in luck. We have decided to make a shortlist that would help you in deciding which FPS game to play while on lockdown.

Apex Legends

Apex Legends is set after the continuity of Titanfall, with the characters fighting for their right in a location called “The Outlands.” The characters you play in this game are called “Legends.” and they have skills unique to that specific Legend—various skills such as climbing over walls, sliding on surfaces, and zip-lining.

So, if you are looking for one of the best pc games to play with your friends, Apex Legends is a viable contender. In order for you to win, you have to eliminate all the other players in the match with teamwork and cooperation.

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

If you have played the original Counter-Strike before, then this game is no stranger to you. We are sure that you have already heard about this game or have even already played a game or two. But if you haven’t heard nor played this game, we got your back. There are two teams from which you can choose from: the Counter-Terrorist and the Terrorists.

You get to pick from 5 different categories of weaponry, such as Rifles, Snipers, Pistols, Sub-machine guns, and Grenades. You really wouldn’t get that bored in this game that easily because there are nine various game modes that you can choose from.


The game Overwatch has an excellent backstory. It is set in the future fictionalized Earth after 60 years. The humans during this time have created a sophisticated AI called the “Omnics.” The crisis began to rise against humans (that is why we should never create super-intelligent robots). So, in the end, the United Nations created a force called the Overwatch to counter the Omniums.

A standard game is composed of two teams of 6 players on each team. There are three various types of playable characters that you can choose from. First, is a damage dealer called the Damage class, second is the Tank, and finally, the last class is a Support type character. Each playable character has different skills and an ultimate skill.

Rainbow Six Siege

The game is set three into the future after the deactivation of the Rainbow Program, and there have been sightings of terrorist activities. Among all the terrorist groups, White Mask is the most notorious. The new director, known as Six, reawoken the Rainbow program to combat the threat.

The game comes with a variety of playable characters for you to use. Each character comes from a different nationality, weaponry, and gadgets. There are also various units from various countries such as the FBI SWAT from the United States, SAS from Great Britain, GSG-9 from Germany, Spetsnaz from Russia, and GIGN from France. There are also various game modes you can choose from.


Now that we have given you some choices of first-person shooter games, have you already chosen which game to play next? Or have you already downloaded these games and tried them out already? There are a lot of other FPS games that you can choose from if you just search the internet.

Whenever you are playing any game, the important thing is that you would always have fun, and get to spend time with your friends. Just enjoy the game, and we hope that this served as a guide to help you in choosing which game to play.

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