Tips To Choose Trade Show Giveaways

Joining a trade show is one of the best ways if you aim to have a successful branding campaign. This is the right venue to expand your customer base by introducing what you can offer to consumers.

Here are some of the factors you need to consider if you are planning to join a trade show, the best exhibition stand and its floor location, your staff, and the promotional items.

Trade show giveaways are really essential in so many ways because you remind every visitor of the booth about the products/ service your offer. They will not forget the name of your company after leaving the booth because they have something to keep.

However, you still have the opportunity to make your company memorable to clients by demonstrating how beneficial your business to them when they visit the booth.

Keep in mind that these people will also visit other booths and do the same thing. That is why you are still easily forgettable.

Therefore, trade show giveaways help you to separate from the competition. It makes your potential clients be reminded about your company name, contacts, etc.

If you want to stand out among competitors during upcoming trade shows like exhibition UK, then you should pick unique giveaways for potential customers.

You would want to have your company logo to be imprinted on the item. Therefore, you need to think about which product or item best describes the company.

Here are some of the important things to consider in finding the best trade show giveaways.

1. Unique Items With Bright Colors

A trade show giveaways appeal is greatly determined by its visual appearance. People in the advertising industry put a premium on what draws they see.

Thus, you want your items to create a good first impression. In the hunt for promotional products, consider items with bright colors, are big in size or have unusual shapes.

Such products are most likely to draw people to your trade show booth, provide the best chance for them to remember your brand name later on.

Keep this in mind: appeal, specifically visual appeal, is an integral factor in the success of trade show giveaways. Offering outstanding giveaways is one of the best exhibition stand ideas.

2. Choose Functional Item

After choosing the item that you find most visually appealing, the next factor that you should consider is functionality. More often than not, a promotional product is visually stimulating but lacks function or purpose.

For your trade show giveaways to have more bearing, it has to serve some kind of purpose for the user or recipient, apart from just being visually attractive. A promotional product can be designed to have a wide variety of functions or uses.

Your best bet, though, is to come up with a promotional product that serves a fundamental universal need that can make the life of the recipient a bit easier. Some of these functional items include promotional drinkware, pens, and embroidered apparel.

These items are considered functional trade show giveaways because they all share a common trait: that of having a basic purpose, which, in this case, are writing, clothing, and holding drinks, respectively.

3. Must Be Relevant

Another factor that you must consider for your trade show giveaways is relevance. Ask yourself this question: Does the product we are handing out give a precise representation of our brand?

If your answer is no, then you have to restructure your promotional strategy. Right now, there are a number of promotional products that are specifically identified with certain industries.

For example, imprinted Swiss Army knives or tools are generally distributed by hardware stores and manufacturers.

Building- or house-shaped promotional magnets or paperweights are often given away real estate businesses. Just keep in mind the nature of your business, and you won’t go wrong.

4. Never Choose Simple Items

Choosing a trade show giveaway can be a little tricky. Most people go with basic items like custom pens or key chains – simple and cheap items that are easy to travel with.

However, these products generally produce hit-or-miss results. They aren’t much targeted to a specific audience, and they aren’t very valuable or interesting either.

5. Consider Different Price Range

Not everyone who takes your free giveaways is going to be a qualified prospect. That’s why it’s a good idea to buy some promotional items from a few different price ranges.

The cheapest product can be your main general giveaway to increase booth traffic and give you a chance to gauge the quality of the prospects you’re speaking with.

If you determine that your products or services are a good fit for them, you can give them a gift that costs a bit more and is more memorable. This is one of the simple but good tricks to stand out among competitors during exhibition events in the Uk.

Brief Summary

One of the most effective strategies for networking at trade shows involves giving away promotional items. But how exactly can giving away free stuff help you generate leads and increase awareness of your company?

At trade shows, you and your competitors are fighting each other for the opportunity to engage prospects and find new network contacts.

By offering some sort of value in the form of a promotional giveaway, you can drive traffic to your booth and give attendees a reason to spend some time talking with you.

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