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Things to be learn by C# .Net Developers by 2022

As we grow with the software development industry, we gain more knowledge in MS world; we found that many people have distinct knowledge depending on type of projects and teams working on the projects. In this article, we will talk about the things that C# and .net developers who are seeking opportunity in Asp.net Development Company in India should know before 2019 ends.

Must-learn Topics

.Net ecosystem

.Net ecosystem includes several .net architectural components. The list of components is:

1) .Net standard

It is a set of APIs that are implemented by the Base Class Library. These contracts are implemented inside each implementation of .net, which allows portability throughout different .net implementations that make your code to run anywhere.

2) .Net implementations

Every implementation of .net has one or more runtimes, a class library, and one or multiple app framework (optional), and development tools (optional). There are total four primary .net implementations maintain and develop by Microsoft – .Net framework, .net core, UWP, and Mono.

  • .Net core – it is a cross platform that is designed for handling server and cloud workloads at scale. .Net core can be run on MacOS, Windows, and Linux. It implements the .net standards, which means code targeting the .net standard, can run on .net core. WPF (windows presentation foundation), asp.net core, and windows forms run on this platform.
  • .Net framework – .Net framework was made in 2002 and it is the original .net implementation. It is the framework used by existing .net developers every time. The framework is optimized for developing windows desktop apps.
  • UWP – Universal Windows Platform is an implementation of .net used by developers for creating modern, touch-enabled windows apps and software for the IoT. It is made to unify different gadgets targeted by the professionals, including computer, tablet, phones, and even Xbox. UWP offers services like centralized app store, a set of windows APIs for use in place of Win32, and an execution environment. Developers can write their apps in C#, C++, VB.net , and JavaScript.
  • Mono – It is made to use during requirement of small runtime. Small runtime is the type of runtime that powers Xamarin apps on Mac, android, tvOS, and watchOS. It is initially focused on a small footprint. Mono also uses Unity engine to power games built. All the latest published .net standard versions are supported by Mono.

3) .Net runtimes

it is the execution environment used for a managed program. The operating system is a part of the runtime environment but not of the .net runtime. Few instances of .net runtimes are- CLR for .net framework, CoreCLR for .net Core, .Net native for UWP, mono runtime for mono desktop framework and for Xamarin.android, Xamarin.iOS, and Xamarin.Mac.

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.Net tooling and common infrastructure

Developers can use an extensive collection of tools and infrastructure components that work with every .net implementation. For instance- .net languages and their compilers, MSBuild for building projects, .net project system, NuGet, open source build orchestration tools like FAKE and CAKE.

  • Applicable standards – Common Language Infrastrcuture and C# language specifications are standardized via Ecma International. Ecma published the first editions of applicable standards in December 2001.
  • Language – C# language is the most important language in the .net ecosystem. It is simple, modern, type-safe, and object-oriented programming language. Developers should be well-versed with C# and can deepen their knowledge using C# guide, .net samples and tutorials, and C# in depth. Beginners can start from the basics and later learn about multithreading, asynchronous programming, passing parameters, collection.
  • Platforms and frameworks – target framework has .net standard, .net core, and .net framework. It is an API used by developers. .Net standard is a base set of APIs common to all .net implementations. The platform is an operating system framework like Windows, Linux, Max, etc.
  • Libraries – Libraries are there to extend functionality. These are the package ecosystem made on .net standard. NuGet is a package manager having more than 90,000 packages and it is built for .net.

Other important terms should be known to C# and .net developer:

  1. Assembly
  2. Global assembly cache
  3. CLR
  4. CoreCLR
  5. CoreFX
  6. Garbage Collection
  7. Roslyn
  8. Asynchronous programming
  9. Debugging
  10. Profiling
  11. Testing
  12. Entity framework core
  13. Portable class libraries
  14. LINQ
  15. .Net core roadmap
  16. NET 5
  17. .Net native
  18. .Net core command line tools
  19. C# memory model
  20. Windows communication foundation

Important skills required for .net developer:

  • Strong C# or VB.Net
  • Experience using customized .net tools
  • Client side web development technologies
  • Databases
  • Asp.net MVC
  • Javascript
  • MS certified solutions developer certification

Everything discussed in this article is important for individuals who are seeking career opportunity in Asp.net development. These are the topics that every .net developer and C# developer should know. For detailed knowledge, you can anytime access internet and browse these topics.

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