The Most Spectacular Places to Go Sailing in Greece

If you have the title of Skipper or Captain of Yacht you are in luck. We advise you to lower the sails and start sailing in Greece furrowing its crystalline waters and earthly paradises that hide the Greek waters.


Santorini is the pearl of the Cycladas, where every picture is beauty. Totally different from all other islands of the Aegean Sea. It is an island 12 kilometers long and 7 kilometers wide and a slope of more than 300 meters high with cliffs that lead us to the sea. It has a crescent shape, due to the sunken caldera that gave rise to the island. Which reminds us that it was one of the most active volcanic centers in the Mediterranean.


Also known as Zante, an island with more than 123 kilometers of coastline, mountainous and green. This island is characterized by its sandy beaches. We recommend that you do not forget to visit the national park, especially Laganás Bay, a park where “Caretta” sea turtles are famous throughout the Mediterranean for their beauty and for being unfortunately in danger of extinction.

The main charm of the island is its impressive blue sea caves and the Shipwreck breach, a beach of crystalline waters perfect condition for sailing in Greece.


Milos stands out for the variety of colors and beaches in its more than 126 kilometers of coastline. The island has a U-shape, forming one of the best natural harbors in the Mediterranean.

The beaches are rich in quality and, transparent waters of fine white sand, generally difficult to access from land.

The island’s port is called Adamas and it is a beautiful town with white houses and cobbled streets, that is, the typical Cycladic town.

Milos is a quiet island with some of the most amazing beaches in the world. It combines Mediterranean physiognomy with the most volcanic landscape, in which looking up we see a green and lush landscape.


Paxos is a tiny Mediterranean island, very green and leafy, rich in olive groves and of course with very transparent waters perfect for sailing in Greece.

It has been preserved naturally and mostly virgin, preserving all its charms and treasures intact over time.

The hidden coasts and beaches will allow us excellent anchorages that together with its regular winds will allow us to enjoy every inch of this wonderful island.

Do not hesitate; sailing through Greece is always a good option. If you are interested and do not have a boat you can always go on a rental boat.

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