The Great OTT Monetization Surge with DAI

Customers wanted to watch content wherever, whenever and on multiple gadgets. That’s what created the revolution of OTT video distribution. Now, there is a significant flood in the industry of OTT video providers and administrators. And, it is clear that OTT is creating a strong space in the world of video content distribution. 

Over-the-top is adaptable in terms of content creation and publicizing, which makes it advantageous. With the advancements in the sector, service providers are able to adapt and easily set up a system and deliver personalized services. One of the innovations has come in the form of DAI or dynamic ad insertion

DAI is an innovation that impresses both the telecasters and engineers. It allows the utilization of all the gadgets, which people use to consume OTT content. 

How does DAI work?

DAI offers a new way of contacting the clients to promoters. This is a demographically focused, relevant and a new method of embedding advertisements. With DAI, the server progressively embeds advertisements on different platforms such as Android, iOS, work area, Chromecast, Amazon Fire TV, AppleTV, Roku, and others. This approach saves from serving every client with the same promotion. The dynamic approach is more feasible in terms of a focused advertising approach. 

One great advantage of OTT video is the ability to understand the needs of customers. The bits of information help to utilize application promotions by contacting the databases of clients. Hence, DAI facilitates a better, interest-based monetization facility by targeting the right videos. With the digital ad insertion, there is no need to worry about the initial design of a content piece. DAI offers the capability to accumulate focused, custom video advertisements and insert into a stream to fulfill the demands of a purchaser. 

Why will DAI survive effortlessly in modern times?

More and more consumers use promotion blockers these days. This is why content suppliers want to arrange customized advertisements, so consumers can gain value with the ads just as they do with the supply of content. Content publishers know the risks of an inadequate focus on promotions. The wrong direction of promotion can easily lead to counterproductive and diverting results. Consumers can easily move around a brand or media proprietor and steer away from the provided substance. 

Due to the approach of OTT video distribution, the industry is sitting on a huge collection of valuable data. This information accessibility is able to support the progressive embedding of promotions. The advertisement servers can use this approach to add significant value to the customers by showcasing highly substantial advertisements. Hence, DAI is capable of bringing true value in the market of OTT monetization. The flawless embedding of promotion establishes a connection between the watchers, the type content and the advertisements. This skyrockets the scope of earning revenue without diverting or losing the interest of the viewers. 

For all these reasons, industry leaders expect DAI to survive and even change the method of earning income through promotions in the coming future. 

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