The endoscope equipments and their costs

People buy different types of endoscopy equipments that are used for various purposes. The different types of medical equipments that are required are foreign body removal net, polypectomy snare, balloon dilator, esophageal stent, disposable bite blocks, etc.

Different endoscopy equipments and their uses

The stent device is used for hooking and cross wire structuring, fluoroscopic visualization, accurate positioning, etc. The guidewire is used for positioning of catheter to the respective anatomical position. It is used in the endoscopic treatment and pancreatic ducts. It is used for easy navigation in tight ducts and it is tapered at the angled tips. The inflation device is used for inflating and deflating during the process of endoscopy according to the requirements. This material consists of high tensile material and it can hold maximum volume. The stone retrieval basket is the biliary duct that is used for upper and lower digestive tract.

The price of endoscopic equipments

The multi-stage balloon dilator is used for dilation of esophagus. It is used for dilation of duodenum, colon, pylorus, and strictures found in the GI tract. It is a high resistance material that is used for safe dilation. It is known for its guidewire compatibility. Bougie dilator is a device that is used for dilating the esophageal strictures. The endoscopy equipment price depends upon the size, features and the location.

The price of endoscopy equipment depends upon several factors such as the geographical location, service provider, equipments used etc. It also depends upon the usage of sedation. If the procedure is done in imaging center, then it is expensive than the procedure done in hospitals. The price also depends upon the machinery. The colonoscopy machines comprise different features. Along with endoscopy machines, the endoscopy accessories are also required. The disposable bite blocks are used for protecting the patient and the equipment. The bite blocks are used to open the mouth of the patient during the procedure so that they do not feel suffocated. These bite blocks usually comprise of comfort design and allow the port to be inserted. It is a large side port that is used for easy repositioning.

The catheter is used to direct to the proper anatomical location and is used for endoscopic treatment. It is used in the treatment of pancreatic and biliary ducts. It is used for easy navigation in tight ducts and the tips are tapered. The hydrophilic tip is also used for effective navigation. The channel cleaning brush is soft and contains nylon bristles and hence they can be easily used for cleaning. The bristles are thicker and also are installed with flexible sheath.

So, to perform endoscopy, doctor uses several equipments and hence the cost of endoscopy is always higher. The overall endoscopy equipment cost is higher because it contains many parts and accessories also. The machine is expensive whereas the accessories are cheaper.  The dilator is also cheaper but is it essential to perform endoscopy. It is used for dilation of esophagus, duodenum, and colon. The inflation device is reasonable, but this equipment is also essential. It is used for inflation and deflation and it contains high strength material. It also contains a display system.

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