The Amazing things that you should do when going on the Fraser Island tour

There are many beautiful counties in the world where people love to travel and enjoy spending their vacations. Of the many countries, Australia is one spectacular place to be and one of the few countries which are secluded and remotely located in the southern hemisphere. Australia is also probably the only place that is a country, a continent, and an island.

Every year thousands of people from all over the world travel to Australia to visit magnificent natural beauty, diverse wildlife, scenic landscape, crystal blue waters, and sandy shores. There are dozens of fantastic tourist destination in Australia that you can never properly see in a week of your vacations, some of the popular and iconic places include The Great Barrier Reef, The Ayers or Uluru Mountains, The Great Ocean Road, Blue Mountains Park, Fraser Island, and Bondi Beach.

Nearly all the places are wonderful, but there is something mystical, magical, attractive, and amazing about Fraser Island that you will feel once you visit it. Fraser Island is located on the southeastern coast of Queensland and is nearly 250 km from Brisbane. The total length of the island is 123 km, and it is also recognized as the World Heritage site and probably the largest sand island of the world and sixth largest island of Australia.

Fraser Island is famous for its beautiful beaches, lush green and thick forest, crystal clear lakes, and diverse wildlife with some of the native animals not found anywhere else in the world. You can travel on this island alone or get on one of those group tours. Traveling alone gives you the time and space to explore the serene island at your own pace. There are two ways to reach Fraser Island; the first one is by taking Manta-Ray barge, which is a 10-minute journey from Brisbane, and the second option apart from flying on a tiny airplane is by using Fraser Island barge which runs daily and the journey time is 50 minutes.

Fraser Island is primarily a sand island with little roads and tracks, which means you would need a 4 Wheel Drive to properly tour around the island. There are several transportation companies that offer 4WD vehicles for touring purposes. You can bring your family on vacation to Fraser Island and enjoy spending time getting mesmerized by the beauty that the island has to offer.

Sky ITL Travel Like a Pro offers detail information if you wish to travel to Australia. You would get valuable tips and guidelines to plan your trip, which would make your vacation more enjoyable and memorable. The best Fraser island tourincludes all the details you need and the tourist destinations that you have to visit. The things to do while in the beautiful Fraser Island are

  • Seeing the sunrise in the Eurong Beach

One of the best places to stay in Fraser Island is the Eurong Beach Resort where you will get to see spectacular sunrise which is a fantastic way to begin your day and tour

  • Take a drive to the 75 Mile Beach

The 75 Mile Beach is the long stretch of the National Highway on the eastern side of the island. Here will be your first experience of 4WD coastal driving with a wide expanse of ocean and long sandy shores. There are many options for camping and beach fishing, which you can do. One thing that you have to notice is the tides, as you do not want to get stuck in the high tides. You can see the tracks left by other 4WD vehicles. You can also get a chance to see humpback whales breaching in the ocean.

  • Visit MahenoShipwreck

One of the most unique and photographed locations along 75 Mile Drive is the Maheno shipwreck. The Maheno is a World War 1 ship that was washed ashore in 1935 due to a powerful cyclone. Sunrise is the best moment to be around the shipwreck for photographs, but you have to be careful of the tides.

  • The Pinnacles colored rocks

The drive along the east side of the island will take you to The Pinnacles, which are small colored rock north of Maheno shipwreck.

  • Going to the Eli Creek

One of the famous spots along 75 Mile Drive is Eli Creek, where the water is so clear that you can easily see underneath the sea surface. The creek has natural filtered water and ideal for swimming, tubing, and wading.

  • Swimming in the Champagne Pools

One of the most popular swimming places on the island is the Champagne Pools. There isa wonderfully crafted wooden staircase which will take you to the beach and also gives you an amazing view of the landscape as you go down the stairs.

  • Lake Mackenzie

Right in the middle of Fraser Island is the picturesque Lake Mackenzie with iridescent blue waters and white silica sand, which is very soft, and there is also a heart-shaped tree.

  • Taking photographs with dingos

A dingo is a native dog of Australia, which is friendly and comes for little food that tourists give them. You are bound to come close to dingos when you are in Eli Creek.

  • Driving through Sub-tropical rainforest

You will go through sandy tracks and sub-tropical rainforest while driving from Eurong Beach and Kingfisher Bay. Fraser Island is all sand, but it is simply amazing to see thick rainforest with big trees. You can stop for a short picnic at Central Station and take a walk to the Wanggooiba Creek that carries clear water filled with ferns.

  • Taking a joy flight

One of the most amazing activities you would love would be a joy flight with Air Fraser Island. You would take off from 75 Mile Drive Beach and fly over the island and witness breathtaking views. It’s a 15-minute flight, and make sure to have your camera ready to snap some memorable pictures.

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