The 5 Must-Have Applications for Small Businesses (Free and Paid)

90% of startups in the US will fail in the first 3 years. This bleak reality makes us ask the question: What makes the difference between success and failure?

Many startups have good products and services. They have passionate staff who believe in their product. Yet this not enough.

Behind every successful company is careful planning and organization. 

The latest applications for small businesses give your company the best chance of success.

Check out our guide to free and paid software that you can employ to successfully manage your company. 

Google Docs

Google Docs

To communicate and collaborate successfully, your team needs to literally be on the same page. There may be many word-processing options available today. The impressive Google Docs is a high functioning and free option. 

Google docs is available online and offline. It auto-saves your work. Crucially it includes functionality that makes it super easy to collaborate. Multiple users can work on projects or even individual documents at the same time. 

Paystub creator

Companies can often make huge savings by outsourcing work rather than maintaining in-office staff. This is definitely the case when it comes to payroll. offers a service that provides such savings.

The creators of Paystubcreator are qualified accountants. They have created create a 100% legal alternative, to traditional payroll methods. 

Paystubcreator calculates, creates and files payroll records in cloud software. This paperless payroll solution can be used for employees or freelance workers.

Companies that use Paystubcreator have fewer administration fees to pay and an expedited tax season. 


Wave app

Small companies often suffer failure because of lack of attention to accounting. Accessible on multiple platforms, Wave accounting software is a free solution to this problem. 

Some companies need to more closely track accounting and invoicing. Others need to better manage expenses. Some need to process payments more quickly or expedite payroll and employee tax calculations. Wave can track and manage these for you.

Waves even provides a pleasing visual display. This allows you to understand your companies financial situation at a glance.

Zoho People

Zoho People

Whether you have 2 employees or 100, an efficiently functioning Human Resources department is vital. Startup owners simply do not have the time to personally manage their own HR. Investigating, recruiting, and onboarding personnel requires a significant amount of time. Time that they need to improve products and services.

Cloud-based HR service provider Zoho People can care for all of this for you. After the onboarding service, they support your employees throughout their employment. They provide attendance records, vacation monitoring, even compliance with local tax laws.

Unlike in-house HR staff, Zoho People is completely scalable. This is vital for companies which have seasonal peaks, but then need to downscale their workforce afterward.


Wordpress website

In 2019 your online presence is your shopfront. This is what people see when they come to investigate your products and services. The need for your online content and branding to be consistent cannot be overemphasized.

Web development and Content Management Platform giants WordPress are world leaders in this field. With WordPress, you can manage every aspect of your site. It is compatible will many different web applications. It also has a huge following globally, meaning any question you have has already been answered somewhere.

WordPress is user-friendly and provides templates that will get you online, with a pleasing UI, in an expedited fashion.

Applications for Small Businesses That Actually Work

Every small company has the opportunity to be amongst the 10% that makes it. 

Passion and drive, Coupled with careful management of funds, people and time give you the greatest chance of success.

Have you had success with other applications for small businesses? We want to hear about it. Contact us to tell us more about the tools that have given your start up the success it deserves.

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