Styles of Outdoor Christmas Lights

If you’ve been passed the house that looks particularly garish, you may be interested in advice to prevent your home from being an eyesore.  It’s a common feeling of panic amongst the less artistically inclined of our population.  Some people can just look at a bunch of close, furniture, or outdoor Christmas lights and know exactly what to do.  For the rest of the 95% of the population, a little guidance is more than needed!

Where Do Ugly Christmas Lights Come From?

This is a question on a lot of American’s minds.  Some people have Christmas lights that are so ugly that driving past their home can result in a traffic accident.  It’s not just about how they use too many, there is also something about them that is just unsightly.  Fortunately, the main way that you can avoid having ugly Christmas lights is to avoid using too many colors.  If you learn one thing from this article, keep that in mind.  If you pick one color and stick to it, you are bound to make the right decision.

Fancy Outdoor Christmas LightsStyles of Outdoor Christmas Lights

If you want to make your home look a little nicer than basic, there is more that you need to know then using just one color.  You might want something that stands out just a little bit more.  Or, you might feel that your decorations just look too sparse.  Here are some good ideas for using outdoor lights:

  • Making a snowflake shape
  • Making a wreath for the door
  • Lining the edge of the roof with blinking lights
  • Using net lights for the bushes

Applications of Outdoor Christmas Lights

Of course, the first thing people think of when they think of outdoor Christmas lights projectors is decorating bushes and trees.  However, there are many areas that are overlooked for decorating.  Some clever ideas that other people have tried are:

  • Building outlines
  • Applying under handrails
  • Outlying displays
  • Simulation of icicles from roof lines

Outdoor Christmas Lights to Avoid

Of course, there are plenty of mistakes that you can make with lights.  Most Americans find strands of outdated Christmas lights that only light up here and there most unattractive.  Before you install your outdoor  lights, you should test them and get replacements if necessary.  One final tip is to not use novelty lights excessively.  While everyone appreciates your favor basketball team, they may not appreciate your entire house decorated in outdoor Christmas lights that have that theme.  Good luck and happy holidays!

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