Some Brilliant Examples Of Instagram Marketing You Need To Know Now

Right from the time Instagram came into being this platform has already redefined the idea of social media engagement to the next level. Instagram has now become that final territory that marketers would try to conquer. So, the competition in here is quite fierce and even the success rate has become quite elusive to say the least. But, there are some good notes to it as well. Thriving up with the IG marketing is not just around burning dollars or just hiring some prominent influencers to help you share your posts. On the other hand, it might ask for some more nuanced approach for creating one major impression right on the said target audience. To get a glimpse of this kind of service, it is mandatory to log online and get immediate help.

Learning for those names who has already mastered this craft and used it to the perfection is always the prime choice for most people who are new on Instagram. There are some selected cases of IG marketing success that any one of you might follow and get some tremendous insights from. So, it is time to follow those accounts first and see how they have used Instagram at its best. The more you get to research, the better points you are likely to come across in here Blastup.

  • Lego is one name to consider:

Back in May 2018, the royal wedding was one of the major followed global events of all time. But, you must be wondering what Lego has to do with it. You might think Lego to be a company selling nothing but basic toys. Well, if you think it this way then you are actually wrong as this company has always been right at the forefront of reimagining major events. Seizing on the current trending hash tag of Royal Wedding, this toy company has shared video depicting ceremony s rendered with signature blocks.

At this point, this video has over 150K views, which is enough to say that Lego played its parts all too well. The lesson for others to follow in here is to piggyback on already the trend which is popular by making its own with accompanying visuals right on IG.

  • Kylie Jenner as yet another account to address:

The world famous social media family right now has to be the Jenner and Kardashians. This social media family right now has the latest star, which goes by the name of young billionaire Kylie Jenner. At a mere age of 22 years, she is now a famous star on Instagram. Even though she was born into advantageous circumstances, it is always to her credit that Kylie Cosmetics has now grown into a huge market. So, this cosmetics line has brought her rise to this 10 figure status within a span of minimum 3 years. Part of this huge success will definitely go to the Kylie nailed Instagram, which is going to be a heady mix of live and interactive posts, Stories and more such IG features with a personal touch to it.

  • An account of Jonathan Jadali:

With over 8000 followers, Jonathan Jadali is here to carry out some of the personal Instagram based brands, which will not just boast enough acolytes for earning this title of influencer but adds some more intelligence and expertise to the same platform. He is a 22 year old self-employed stock trader. He has already made a lump sum fortune which is worth millions by just investing in Bitcoin, in initial crypto boom and all are now raging. Anyone with the aspirations to follow Jadali’s route will have to do more than just follow passion. They further have to learn more on ways to showcase craft to the current Instagram world. In some words, it can be stated that they help in illustrating ways on how strategies will give rise to concrete results and even share content in daily life.

  • Rent the Runway:

For users, product updates are way too boring, honestly speaking, mainly if you are associated with fashion brand. However, it is mandatory to inform customers about these updates, which are taking place. It will help them to fit the services within timeline in such a way which will be filled with some attractive images and what not.

One major and popular fashion renting brand, by the name of Rent the Runway has done quite the same by grabbing and posting some user comments for highlighting updates and offering more product details through caption section in engaging, brief and witty way. It is a perfect way in which you can easily turn any mundane post into something rather engaging and visually appealing, to say the least.

  • Tesla Motors and its account:

If you can easily get to drive a glamorous car down the road, you will definitely stir up some heads for sure. Tesla Motors is one such company, which is known to help you fulfill this dream of driving a fascinating car. Tesla Motors partnered up with the developers of Vector Unit for integrating their cars into a game called Beach Buggy Racing 2. There was a promotional video to it, which was uploaded on Tesla’s IG page, which garnered around 2 million views. So, the lesson in here is quite clear. You have to find niche partnerships to help you identify and then target captive and alternative audiences.

  • ICC and its IG page:

International Cricket Council has its own IG page with promotional videos and photos in it. This year, 2019, the ICC World Cup tool place in England and it shows some of the best photos on its IG page. The mixture of emotions with gaming background is what makes this IG page popping. The most sensational video inhere was few seconds clip of Indian batting sensation Mr. Vohli with an aged fan on sidelines of tournament. This simple video garnered over 1.7 million likes. So, make sure to value power of emotions.

These are some of the bright examples under Instagram platform that you might need to follow.

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