Refresh Your Space with Simple Home Wall Décor Tips

If you are trying to refresh the interior of your room, you are practically changing the allotment of furnishing items and everything to go with it. Right from selecting a new pair of furniture to changing the wall colors, you have done it enough. These styles are no doubt expensive and you might have to invest a great deal of money for that. But, there are certain simplistic approaches available too, which will focus solely on the walls for decorating them and giving a flawless style.

Wall decors can seriously refresh the entire look of your place. If you have enough empty walls around your place then you have high hopes towards the imagination. There are multiple possibilities, which will give your basic room a complete makeover. The time has come when you have to change the bare walls into some sort of stylish centerpieces. It does not matter the kind of style you possess as there are multiple variations available to go with it. Whether you are a book lover, nature enthusiast or even art collector, your walls hold a lot of potentials to go with your flow. For that, getting some ideas from can work magically for you.

  • Perfect time to add that accent wall:

Other than adding to walls, you can try to think and decorate the walls by themselves. For that, a bold and bright paint color will do. It is perfect for creating that accent wall you have craved for. On the other hand, you can just bring in the pattern with wallpapers, stenciling or some of the other major decorative paint techniques. While doing so with the walls, you can get a bit more creative and try to change the ceilings as well, while you are at it. These decorative accents are perfect for smaller spaces as that will make the walls look bigger and even more spacious than what they actually are.

  • Always try to create gallery walls:

If you have a wide collection of art or photographs then a gallery wall is exactly what you need to address. It will help you to add that level of color and personality, you have always wanted at your place. If you want, you can always display that collection of art you had or photographs you have taken on multiple trips. On the other hand, you can further add wall hangings and some of the other ephemera.

It is mandatory for you to head towards some of the cohesive and simple frames or you can just bring in an array of ornate variations. It will help you well to mix things right up. Don’t forget to check out some of the pro tips from experts on that! Try to extend the gallery wall right up to the ceiling. It helps in creating that illusion of bigger space even if it is not.

  • Try to use the beauty of fabric on walls:

A wall hanging or any colorful tapestry is perfect for adding that color and pattern any time you want. On the other hand, it will definitely help in adding that perfect sense of softness to that space. If you want, you can always frame the vintage scarves or any of the other pretty textiles to hang on the walls later on. These tapestry or wall hangings are easier to move when compared to the framed pictures or paintings when it is time to move houses to a new locality.

  • Spend some bucks for the large scale wall art:

If you want to command attention then nothing can speak greater than an oversized photograph or painting. It can always set the proper tone in any smaller space. If you have a minimalistic space, then always opt for the black and white photo for a change. On the other hand, if you are into abstract paint, then vibrant colors will add that spark to the wall you have wanted.

  • Try to paint a mural:

If you can add a mural on your wall, then nothing seems perfect than that! It is a perfect way to transport your present world into someplace else. This is the best example of letting your wall do the talking and tell you a story. You can try to get the murals hand-painted or can easily choose one wall covering. No matter whatever the choice you might want to make, the motif will definitely have a major impact on your walls.

  • Decorate your walls by hanging mirrors:

If you have smaller rooms, which are quite common among modern apartments, mirrors can solve the issue in no time. Mirrors are known to reflect light in the best manner possible, which will definitely help your smaller space to look much brighter and bigger. So, you can invest a few bucks to purchase an oversized mirror from a thrift store or flea market. There is no need to visit big and grandeur shops for that purchase! If you think that an oversized mirror is not your cup of tea and your ear of breaking it, then you can always display some of the smaller pieces together, salon-style. You have complete liberty to work with the mirrors in the way you want and it will create an effect together.

  • Be sure to install shelves:

If you are a book lover, then there are times when you might have run out of the floor space for bookshelves. During such instances, you can always take your collection up to the walls. For that, you need to call carpenters and create floating shelves. These shelves will hold all the hardcovers, smaller sculptures that you own and some of the other odds. So, you are not just going to have a place to store all your favorite belongings, but this storing method will help in decorating the walls well.

These are some of the major steps for you to follow while trying to decorate the house well. And you can try out all these methods without going bankrupted or in debt at all!

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