The Future of the Internet

Quantum Internet – The Future of the Internet

The internet is about to get a whole lot crazier in the coming times. As impossible as it may seem, scientists are claiming that the time is not far when we will be introduced to a whole new concept called Quantum Internet.

Not only will it be exponentially faster than the current fastest internet connection, but it would beat the= speed of light. This phenomenal concept seems to be nothing short of teleportation, where quantum data will be communicated in a matter of micro-seconds.

So, what is this crazy new type of internet? Would an average person be able to benefit from it? Would people experience things like Quantum browsing or Quantum video calling? These are some of the answers that we will be answering today. Let’s find out.

What is the Quantum Internet?

The quantum internet is a revolutionary new form of network that would enable quantum devices such as quantum computers and quantum processors to exchange information instantaneously according to the laws of quantum mechanics.

Eden Figueroa, an associate professor at Stony Brook University, tries to explain this concept. In this bizarre world, bits are not restricted to a single state of 1 or 0. Instead, a new possibility may arise where an object could be in two different states simultaneously. His weird concepts and terminologies makes all of it like something out of a sci-fi movie, to say the least.

What Level of Potential does it Offer?

What we have understood so far is that it will not be that promising for the common website browser, at least not for a few more years. The concept of a quantum internet is based on the concept of qubits, which are completely different from the classic binary bits we are familiar with.

It is safe to say that this potential new technology would  offer conventional facilities such as email, browsing, and streaming, but that is not the height of its potential. This technology would primarily be useful in military applications, cyber-defense, and other exclusive niches that you can imagine.

Why the Quantum Internet?

Conventional communication requires a certain level of security where dedicated keys need to be generated that help keep away hackers and other intruders. One of the main concepts of this technology is Quantum Key Distribution (QKD), which has serious cybersecurity applications.

Quantum Key Distribution requires one person to encrypt pieces of data by encoding them on to the qubits. This data is then transmitted to a receiving party, who has to decrypt and measure qubit values in order to receive the final message.

QKD can currently transmit data in a single direction via optic fibers. However, qubits cannot currently be transmitted with immaculate level of accuracy. This gives rise to another concept of quantum mechanics, called Quantum Entanglement.

What is Quantum Entanglement?

The concept of teleportation means that there is no physical object or route connecting the source and destination of the so-called passenger. Instead, it needs to rely on the concept of entanglement between two positions, which further needs to be maintained during the process.

To implement QKD successfully with quantum entanglement, we still require complex infrastructure that could create entangled qubit pairs, and transmit them between a sender and a receiver.

Quantum Key Distribution would virtually create a form of transmission that would be completely free from interception, hacking, and corruption. These quantum keys would be invisible to third parties, thus granting it the title of teleportation.

What Else can be achieved with Quantum Internet?

All these complex concepts may force you to ask the question, “Why do we need Quantum Internet after all?” Well, to be honest, we may not need to bother with extreme concepts like quantum entanglement, but the technology could potentially improve the current communication distance of fiber optic cables.

By allowing a number of small devices to connect to the same quantum network, the internet would be solve problems, which cannot be solved with a single quantum device on the network.

Thus, scientists believe that the Quantum Internet would be beneficial for tech giants like Google, Microsoft, and several others in terms of data analysis, statistical forecasting, cyber-defense, and much more.

Summing It All Up

The internet is already mind-boggling and fascinating as it is. Introducing the concept of Quantum Networks and Quantum Key Distributions would presumably make this technology ascend to nothing short of magic. Who knows, someday people might be able to experience what Scotty and Captain Kirk did in Star Trek.

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