Popular Types of Garden Lights

Garden lights are accessories that can be added to any garden to give it a more welcoming and ambient atmosphere. Garden lights come in many types, all of which are growing in popularity. They can give out just one colour, but there are also colour changing garden lights available which are convenient as they provide different effects with one set of lights.

Belfast external lamp

A Belfast external lamp is a practical garden lamp to have. Apart from creating a better atmosphere, it actually lights the garden up quite well and is ideal for illumination. It is a retro lamp and can be hung on a garden wall or on the outside of the house.

Fairy lights

Fairy lights are a type of garden light that are best used for a party. They look like small twinkles and can be used in any garden, large or small.
To make a real impact with these, they need to be present in large numbers. They should not be hung in straight lines. Instead, for a better effect, try to have them in random orders. Remember to buy a starter plug and rectifier unit in order to be able to use fairy lights.

Hanging glass lights

Hanging glass lights are garden lights that can be hung from trees or windows. Each glass bauble holds one tea light, and these can be a simple round shape or a teardrop shape. They hang from a spring, and as such, they can be adjusted to the preferred length. A few sets together can create an even better effect.

Garden light spikes

Garden light spikes are set into the ground and then a tee light is placed in the glass tube to ensure it doesn’t go out. They are extremely cheap and so several can be bought and placed around the garden or clumped together in a corner to create a beautiful light effect.

Solar garden lights

Solar garden lights are popular as they are inexpensive to run and environmentally friendly. Most solar garden lights have rechargeable solar batteries that can be used by night-time when the sun has set.
Solar globes are a type of garden light that has improved technology. They can provide light for up to eight hours, which would cover even the most marathon dinner party with ease. Solar globes float on water and therefore can be a fun addition to a pond. They can also be placed on the ground. They need full and direct sunlight to charge, so it is best not to rely only on these for a garden party.


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