Best Phone Cleaner & Speed Booster App for Android

Phone Cleaner & Speed Booster Apps – Optimize Your Android

This is the time when you must think about getting a phone cleaner app for your phone. If you are in doubt then you should stick to this piece of article because here we shall know the need of having such an app on your Android device.

With every new month roughly, there is a new phone in the market of digital gadgets. And have you ever thought of the success agenda of such new launches? It is well, directly proportional to old or slow smartphones or tablets. 

Yes, the reason why people spend huge sum of money is that they are sick of operating their Android devices at slow speed! They just go out and pick the available options ending up utilizing their savings on something that could have found another way. Wait! What? Yes, you read that right! Another way. There is another way with which you need not to spend that amount you saved for something big and valuable. This is a way which can help you revive your dying and deteriorating Android smartphone or tablet for free of cost.

The issue of slow speed can be combated using Speed Booster for Android on your device. These are the tools that can be used efficiently to give you the desired results. Using a phone cleaner can actually benefit you on many levels but there are two major segments that it resolves quickly. One is speed, the other one is storage space. 

Why does an Android Device Run Slow?

The major reasons we can streamline for this question are explained below. Do have a look at them. 

Accumulation of useless files or junk files is one of the primary reasons why a device runs slowly. These files are initially created to give high operability to the apps but then after some time, once these files are utilized, these are left as it is on the device hence making it clogged up and slower than usual. Here comes the need to get a good phone cleaner

Then there are software updates that need to be done from time to time. The updates released are the better versions of the previous ones, hence if someone is skipping the updates, chances are that their phone may run slower. Also, when a new version is released by Google, it is not always necessary that your phone will adapt to it. This can also be one of the contributors that make you think that you need to have a Speed Booster for Android. 

Continuous processing of some of the apps in the background occupies the RAM making an Android smartphone or tablet run slower. For a device to run at a good speed, it is necessary that its RAM must not be completely occupied.

Hence, you must have known by now that cleaning and speeding are interconnected to each other. Optimizing an Android device covers it all. From cleaning to speeding up, from managing to protecting the device, and also some other functions are included in the process of optimization.

To give the ease of use to the Android users, some of the top phone cleaner apps have provided to give the features that can help in giving the complete optimization to the Android devices. Some of those apps are discussed below in detail. Have a look at them. 

Which Are The Top Phone Cleaner Apps?

There are some apps that can do wonders when it comes to the optimization of your Android phone. The top phone cleaner apps are listed below.  

  1. Advanced Phone Cleaner

The best phone cleaner app for android is this one. It has collected a lot of good reviews. With a star rating of 4.6, the app has helped the global Android phone users get an optimized phone. It comes with a number of intuitive features that can resolve multiple issues like organizing, cleaning, protecting, and boosting. This means you need not to download multiple apps for these operations. This single app is capable of doing it all on your device. Its Speed Booster for Android is something that aces in giving a visibly faster-operating speed. Also, this app comes with a strong Antivirus for your Android device.

2. 360 Security

An entity trusted by many satisfied Android users is this phone cleaner app. Just as its name says, this android cleaner does complete justice by providing 360-degree functionalities. It protects your phone in many ways which includes taking care of the data on social media handles. Also, there are features that can protect you against spam calls and messages. And if someone tried to get into your phone, it makes sure to capture their face so that you know who tried to barge in! All-in-one Toolbox.

3. All-in-one Toolbox

It really goes in coherence with its name. This is one of the Top phone cleaner apps that can clean your device. It comes with a lot of helpful features like Mobile Ads Detector, App Permission Checker, Photo Compressor, and many more. This app is a feature-rich tool you can download to be stress-free regarding the performance of your Android device. It is one of the Speed Booster for Android that you can utilize to completely optimize your Android device.

4. AVG Cleaner

After earning a good name in terms of offering protection to digital gadgets, AVG has come to clean your mobile phones and tablets. This is one of the best phone cleaner apps for android that can help you get rid of the junk files. You can even save mobile data by hibernating the apps that consume data. This will also protect the battery and will not let it drain faster. RAM Cleaner of this phone cleaner app makes sure your device performs well all the time. 

5. CCleaner 

If you are planning to get a phone cleaner as well as an app locker app, then you need not download two different apps for this. This single app can serve you both of these purposes and even more. It comes in a small size but its performance is commendable. There have been a lot of appraisals for this phone cleaner app for Android on the Google Play Store. It stands at the star rating of 4.4. It is a simple cleaning app that is fast and comes with an easy user interface. 

With this, you may now have the slightest idea about which best phone cleaner app for android you can download to optimize your Android phone. So, don’t fall for the traps that can scoop out your savings, instead choose the wise method of downloading a phone cleaner app.

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