Outdoor Christmas Lights Tips

Chances are, you love your neighbors.  However, if you live in a neighborhood with a fiercely competitive outdoor Christmas Lights competition, you want to have the edge on what outdoor Christmas lights are the best.  With so much to choose from, it’s hard to know where to get started.  This guide discusses the top 5 strategies for putting your neighbors to shame with this year’s outdoor Christmas lights.  Instead of focusing on products, we will focus on technique.

  1. Keep it Plugged in. – The number one mistake most people make is not having enough juice to keep everything lit up.
  2. Not Having it Bright Enough. – Some bulbs need to be changed every year.  Sometimes, outdoor Christmas lights can handle having a few extra watts.  Be careful!  Too much wattage can melt plastic outdoor Christmas displays.
  3. No Weather Prevention – Too many displays are disabled or partially impaired because they are not actually for outdoor use.  Make sure your outdoor Christmas lights really are for the outdoors!
  4. No Wind Prevention – When you put up outdoor Christmas lights, you have to keep in mind that wintertime can be very windy.  No sense in putting something up that will only come back down again.  Use proper outdoor Christmas lights fasteners to roof lines.
  5. Outdated Themes – Unless you have a large vintage collection, outdated outdoor Christmas lights can look out of place next to more modern pieces.  Part of this is due to the increase of luminosity over the past 5 years.  This means outdoor Christmas lights exceed the performance of older models.  Intermingling older outdoor Christmas lights and newer ones potentially create an eyesore.

Use Your Creativity
There are some people who cannot be given a license to create without totally going insane.  That is why we suggest that you use your creativity within the boundaries of sensibility.  It may be fun to create a giant flashing display, but flashing lights can be a health risk.
Although tempting, it’s probably not a good idea to turn the entire roof into 1000 upon 1000 set of flashing lights.  Even if several people in the neighborhood do that, you can set an example by creating something that knocks their socks off without rotting their neurons.  Outdoor Christmas lights projectors are to be used responsibly.
Some creative ideas for outdoor Christmas lights are:

  • Using them to illuminate decorative glass
  • Outlining windows
  • On handrails and fences

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