Old Delhi Food Walks

Old Delhi Food Walks May be the Best Experience of Your Life

If you have ever visited Delhi, you will know that Delhi is a food paradise. It is a city where you can get cheap affordable food to hi-end dining experience. But no matter how sophisticated we grow, the charm of Old Delhi is unforgettable. It is the busiest places of Delhi with a unique affordable shopping experience. You will find garments, jewelries, books, perfumes, electronics and of course food and spices.

Almost 70% in the shops of Old Delhi are there from the Mughal period. Chefs who worked in the kitchen of emperors like Akbar, Shah Jahan have set up shops to support their families. Over the years, they have become some of the most sought after food joints by locals as well as tourists. At Old Delhi your relationship with food becomes personal. The aromas at every corner of the lane is irresistible and one cannot help but indulge in the variety of food available.

Some of the Best Places of Old Delhi

Some of the best places of old delhi that is often included in old delhi food walk are JalebiWala; the famous Jalebi shop in ChandniChowk that sells soft, moist Jalebis. ParatheWaliGali is another famous juncture where you will find an array of paratha to satisfy your cravings. You must be careful however, because one paratha is enough to fully satisfy your appetite. JB KachoriWala also known as Jung BahadurKachoriWala, is another famous snack shop selling kachoris for generations. KedernathPremchandHalwai is a sweet shop selling local sweet fillings with pistachios and almonds for years. These are some stops that you can explore, but more so try out each and every shop and find what you like best!

There are historic shops too, which is running from the 1940s. Such a shop sells a local snack called dahiballe, made with yoghurt. Anyone will probably tell you where NatrajDahiBalle is, the name is enough! A very old 18th century shop that is worth mentioning is Kanwarji’s. It serves an age old tradition that is still popular among the youths of today. Coming to drinks, everyone loves lemonades. Ved Prakash Lemon Wale located at the heart of ChandniChowk, serves Indian styled lemonades. This is very popular among all visiting ChandniChowk regularly. You cannot missheGianiRabriFaluda; established in 1951 as Giani Di Hatti, this place is famous for mouthwatering sweet rabri and faludas. Lastly, a must visit shop is Karim’s; this place was established by one of the chefs of the Mughal emperor. Getting a seat at Karim’s requires patience, because no matter when you go, you will find a long queue leading to the seating area.

These are some of the authentic and name worthy destinations of food walk old delhi. But do not be afraid to explore more. There are endless shops with endless food. You never know what you might find. It is like a treasure map, the more you explore the more possibilities it opens up!

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