Marine Solar Lights

Do you love the water element?  If you are a water sign in the zodiac, no doubt, you are instinctively drawn to it.  For many of us who live near a body of water, we know how difficult it can be to maintain lighting and other electrical equipment against the elements.  For those of us who commonly incorporate adventures in the great outdoors with water, knowledge of solar lighting can be indispensable.  Mainly for:

  • Safety
  • Signaling
  • Cooking without fire

Solar Lights for Marine Regulation
Solar lighting is not only important for personal safety, it can also be legal in nature.  If you own a boat, many local laws will require you to have proper lighting so you are visible to others.  In addition to headlights, you may also be required to have several lights on the side of your boat and the back.  Because these laws change so frequently, it can be important to have a quick and easy solution.

Outfitting Your Boat with Solar Power
Having your boat outfitted with lights can be expensive.  However, there are many self-adhesive solar lights options specifically made for marine craft.  You simply peel off the tape and install the light.  It works when you want it to and turns off when you don’t.  It is also an appealing option if you commonly lose your sidelights because of rough waters or unknown storage problems.  This option is appealing because of its low price.
Lighting your Pier
Boat piers are another important area that needs solar lighting that is weatherproof and affordable.  In addition to traditional floodlights, you can also use smaller lights at the end of your pier.  This will help you to see the end of your pier.  This will also help you if you navigate the boat at night.
Lighting Up Around the Water
Beach lighting can be difficult to install and maintain.  However, if you have solar lights, they are a self contained unit.  That means you do not have to worry about outdoor wiring.  You simply install the light and replace it if it gets damaged or eventually wears out.
Lighting for Insect Control
An important feature of being outdoors near the water is dealing with pest control.  Thankfully, outdoor lights are a good way to draw the attention of large bugs and bats away from the area you want to use.  Having a very tall floodlight that is a way from the center of your outdoor activity is extremely effective.

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