Learn Best Tips – How to Play & Win EuroMillions

Euromillions, as the name tells you, is a game based out of some European countries. The rules to play the game are strictly followed. To play, you need to be a citizen of the registered countries. Also, you need to buy as well as claim your prize from one of the registered countries.

Don’t lose hope if you don’t belong to Europe. You can register yourself with Lottoland who are the world’s leading website for online lotteries. 

The advantage here is that you will be playing online. Here you can choose your time to play. You will see the results online, and no one can tamper with your tickets.

If you are a lottery enthusiast, you have definitely heard of Euromillions. Most people consider it as the biggest platform to get rich and wealthy. If you want to be the next winner, we are here to help you with some guidance.

The Way to Play Euromillions

Euromillions has a ticket with seven numbers. Out of these, 5 are regular numbers, and 2 are ‘lucky stars.’ You have to pick out regular numbers from 1 to 50 and the ‘star’ numbers from 1 to 12.

There are two draws per week. The prizes are given out in 13 tiers. If nobody wins a jackpot in a draw, the money rolls over to the next game. This jackpot money can keep growing until it reaches the upper cap.

Advantage of Syndicates and Systems

  • Playing all possible combinations in a draw can ensure success. But, it will cost a fortune. The answer to this is joining a syndicate group. If you pool your money with a group to buy several tickets, your group may catch the jackpot.
  • Your online company may help you with this bulk buying, also called ‘system entries.’ They can help you in joining a syndicate too.

Choosing Numbers To Win

  • Choose a balanced mix of odd and even numbers. All even numbers or odd numbers rarely win in lottery draws.
  • Go for ‘losing’ numbers that have not won for many draws. They are the ‘due’ numbers.

Basic Rules

  • Buy your tickets from official agencies. Understand and follow the rules of play.
  • Know the game before putting money into it. Understand the pros and cons of playing.
  • Play for fun. Do not lose hope of winning.
  • Put some thought into choosing numbers. Some numbers are a popular choice, and some numbers are winners. Know the difference.
  • Utilise the rule of jackpot capping. As soon as the jackpot reaches its upper cap, the money is distributed among the next tier. You will not be a jackpot winner, but you will end up with a considerable sum.


Winning a Euromillions game is an achievement of a lifetime for any lottery buff. This game is quite generous with the number of prizes per game. Winning the top few tiers will boost your bank balance hugely. Follow the tips suggested by us and cross your fingers.

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