Know These 5 Interesting Ways to Grow Your Real Estate Business

If you’re in the real estate business for a long time, you must know the challenges it brings forth. Real estate is not a business like others that can be managed in fixed hours or as a side hustle. You need to be available to stay in touch with your clients, listen to them, and understand their requirements.

If you’re a startup and struggling to grow your real estate business then the first thing you need to do is switch to digital. That starts with creating your business website and social media business pages.

A significant part of the audience searches you on Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest to know about you. So instead of waiting for them to come to your office, try being available for them online.

Upload the available properties on the social media forums and welcome them to open conversation on the properties. This will open new opportunities and speed up your business growth.

It’s 2019! You can’t escape the digital landscape to grow your business. So, the first step to make your real estate business notice starts with a website that tells who you are.

If you have a website, then take these other important steps to keep your business up in the competition.

1.   Build your Network

A real estate business needs a specific circle to grow. They can’t fit well with other entrepreneurs whose business is totally different from them. In this context, keep a close look at people who can help you grow.

Attend real estate conferences or startup events and introduce your business. Mention the specialty of your business like if it’s Toronto condo so tell people the vital information to consider while buying a condo.

Don’t market yourself directly but instead give them information. This will gradually make their mind towards you if they find your information useful. 

Tip: Keep your business card with you so you can leave them with people and they can contact you when they need help.

2.  Learn to Manage Your Time

Time management is important for every business. For a real estate professional, there’s so much work lying on the desk that he can’t skip working from the office. The documentation and the official signing work requires the professional to be present at the moment.

It’s also crucial for the real estate professional to manage communication with clients on the go. 

With all the tasks lying ahead, it’s essential to plan the working days to complete day to day operations. 

Tip: To organize your day, use task management tools or write it manually. Mark it important to complete all tasks before the day’s end. Prioritize the important tasks and do it first. If the task requires visiting the client then schedule a time for it.

Time management is the key to making your business operations better and scaling it to growth, remember it. 

3.  Email Marketing

Email still has the power to influence people once they land in the inbox. If you have a website and you draw leads through it then emailing them will give you a profitable edge.

It happens that when the client is thinking about you, your email can persuade their decision.  If you have any dream property or Toronto lofts that are worth buying, you can also target the audience by mentioning the property in email.

Tip: While emailing, mention the CTA so people can get in touch with you immediately. Craft a persuasive email and end it with a call to action.

4.  Grow Word of Mouth Advertising

When your customer refers your business to other customers, you grew your word of mouth advertising. In a real estate business, a major part of the customers come through word of mouth or referrals.

With your digital connections, focus on generating referrals for your business. Stay in touch with your old customers and update them about the new offerings in your business.

Tip: Don’t wait for the customers to knock at your door, market your business on the go. Introduce yourself while meeting new people and drop your business card in handy.


Self-growth is important. Meet people who are more successful than you and learn the strategies they use to grow their business. Bring new things, know how to get creative, and never skip the digital landscape for growth. 

Clients are the key. If they’re happy with your work then your business will keep flourishing, So, even if you have unhappy clients, talk to them and try to resolve their complaints. Be consistent in your quality and never give up. 

I hope you find these tactics useful and easy to implement. If you have any questions, feel free to ask in the comments below.     

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