6 Unique Ways to Keep Your Kitchen Clutter Free

When the time comes to begin to declutter and organize your home there is no better place to start than the kitchen. The kitchen is the center of activity in a home.

It is the first stop for the kids when they get home from school, and one of the first places you head when you get home from work. The kitchen is not only where you prepare meals, but it is also a place where the family gathers.

Even if you do not have an eat-in kitchen, you still spend a significant amount of time in this area. A decluttered and organized kitchen with the help of a vacuum backpack can make meal preparation much easier.

Plus, you will feel comfortable having family and friends in your kitchen when it is in good order. Transform your house into a clutter free home by starting with the kitchen.

#1. Clear Counters

Countertops have a funny way of accumulating stuff. A cute cookie jar or utensil holder can look attractive. However, when you start placing all types of novelty knick-knacks and food preparation necessities on counters, it can begin to look cluttered.

The best approach is to keep your counters clear of all unnecessary items. Instead of cluttering up your counters, make a point to store utensils and other food preparation tools in drawers and cupboards.

Many retailers offer a variety of countertop organizers. Some even attach to the inside of your sink or can be mounted on walls. By keeping almost everything off your countertops, you are opening up your living space.

Work towards a clutter-free home by maintaining clutter-free counters. And the clutters on the floor can be removed with the help of vacuum backpack commercial cleaners.

#2. Make Sense of Cupboards

Designing your clutter-free home requires a little prep work. When altering your kitchen, come up with a plan for how you will use cupboard space. Make sure it is logical, with similar items stored together.

For example, a shelf could be reserved for mixing bowls, another for your serving platters and a third for dinnerware. Combine small and larger items on the same shelf to get the most use out of the space. Never place items randomly into cupboards. Having a system will help you stay organized.

#3. No More Junk Drawers

The drawers in your kitchen are a key area to focus on for a clutter-free home. Avoid keeping the obligatory junk drawer. Instead, find an actual place for those miscellaneous items. Make sure you get rid of anything you do not really need, rather than cramming it into a drawer. Sure, it is out of sight, but it is still taking up valuable storage space in your kitchen.

Many retailers sell drawer organizer trays that help sort silverware and utensils. For oddly sized items, consider purchasing individual bins that fit into the drawers. These allow for far more customization than the standard silverware tray.

#4. The Refrigerator

You probably already know that you should clean out the inside of your refrigerator for a totally clutter-free home. Toss away old food items and only keep things you will eat. However, did you know that the outside of the refrigerator can damage the appearance of your kitchen? Magnets are a great way to add color and personality.

However, too many and you could take away from the overall appearance of this room. Make a point to remove old items you have displayed on your fridge. Calendars should be kept up to date and expired advertisements or anything else you may hang on the fridge should be cleaned out periodically.

#5. Clear the way for cleaning

A major on-going complaint that we usually come across each time always is the lack of counter space in the kitchen. The aggravation only gets worse when you’re trying to clean the kitchen. What to do about all the clutter? In most kitchens, the biggest culprits are the appliances that are out and sitting out every day of every week.

The most common ones being, the toaster and coffee maker. Although these items may be important, we do not use them as much as we think we do. Clear all the junks as well as the dirt with the help of a battery vacuum backpack.

#6. Now that the clutter is out of the way

Cleaning the kitchen will be much easier with the help of HEPA vacuum backpack but, of course, there are some appliances such as the refrigerator (always in need of de-cluttering) and oven that may require special attention. Well, in most cases it’s quite easy; mild soap and water will do just fine.

If you need to get a little tougher, a mild solution with white distilled vinegar also acts as a good grease remover, although you’ll need to take special precautions if you have a granite or marble countertop.

An all-important thing to remember with these stone type tops is not to let a cleaner or anything acidic stand on the surface. To be safe check with the installer for instructions.

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