Instruction on tablet picking

Instruction on tablet picking

Buying a tablet might be a daunting task for anyone. So whether you want an additional screen or you are replacing an old one, this article will provide you useful information. Here are steps to consider when making a purchase:

What Are Your Needs?

There are many different types of tablets in the market. They all come with different variations and functions. Before you settle on a particular tablet, consider your needs. Depending on your priorities, you will easily pick the most suitable model.

Operating System

There are many versions available for tablets. This can be quite confusing for anyone looking to purchase. The following are the main types:


This operating system was developed by Google. It features a lot of apps and content markets supported by Google Play. You will easily access YouTube, Google Docs, Hangouts,,  Google Calendar, and Google Maps. It’s easily customizable. The most recent version Android 5.0 Lollipop, is available in the newest tablets. It is user, friendly, and stylish.

This OS is built for iPad, it is currently the most sought after version. IOS supports more than 700 thousand apps. It is of high quality and most user friendly. They are much more expensive compared to Android.


This is the best choice of a tablet to buy if you want to use it for work. The OS supports over 200 thousand apps and is relatively user-friendly. Compared to the former operating system, windows are ranked very low.

What Are The Features

If you go into a shop to buy a tablet, you will probably be flustered by the employees trying to make sales. You should consider the following:

Screen Size

Tablet screen sizes vary a lot; you can get a 13-inch tablet or a 7-inch tablet. Depending on the sizer of your hand, you can pick one that is most comfortable when holding.


Tablets with 1280*1080 pixels are standard, but you might want a tablet with a higher resolution. Go for 1920*1080 pixels for a better experience.


A tablet with a quad-core processor is the best choice. This will help your programs run smoothly and avoid buffering. Check on the RAM as well, ensure it is more than 2GB.


Purchase a tablet with 4G as an option. This will enable maximum connectivity when you are accessing the internet.


Ensure you check on the upgrades of the different models. For Android, it should be Android 5.0, known as Lollipop is the best version. If you want to buy an iPad, go for the fourth generation model. Windows tablet must be compatible to windows 10.


A tablet’s battery life is significant. It may not seem like an issue in the beginning, but after a year, you will see the difference.


A tablet with numerous ports is the best buy. Check on the Bluetooth connectivity and expandable storage.


Android and Windows support expandable storage, you can easily insert an SD for additional storage.


You might want to consider this, especially if you are using it for work.


Check on whether your tablet allows you to connect an external keyboard.


With these tips, you will be able to narrow your search and buy the tablet that suits you the most. Ensure that you buy a tablet with a warranty from a credible source. Enjoy your tablet!

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