Installing Outdoor Christmas Lights

When you are single, you don’t think about how dangerous some of the things you do really are.  When you have small children that interact in your home, you soon learn that nothing is safe!  If you have children already, you may have given up on outdoor Christmas lights altogether.  However, the problems associated with outdoor Christmas lights projectors being safe are easy to overcome.Installing Outdoor Christmas Lights
Of course, the outside of your home is up for grabs.  Everyone has heard of people being sued because someone else drowned in their pool.  You don’t have to be a home for your property to be a potential lawsuit.  That’s why it’s important to keep it as safe as possible.
Outdoor Christmas lights can pose a threat to children and pets.  We may not intend it to be that way, but it is something to keep in mind if you do not have a fence around your property.  You may not know of any children in your neighborhood, but what do you really know about what happens when you’re not at home?  In order to keep your family and friends safe, a few basic points need to be discussed.  Some safety issues to keep in mind are:

  • electrocution by outdoor power source
  • entanglement in outdoor Christmas lights
  • strangulation from hanging outdoor Christmas lights in trees and bushes

Safe Outdoor Christmas Light Decorating
Strategize as you plan your outdoor Christmas light decorating.  Note the areas where children or animals tend to play when they come over to your house.  Also, consider what they’re playing with.  You may have some decorations hanging up along the roofline.  These are perfectly safe until the child throws their basketball at them and knocks them loose.  A good idea would be too use extra fasteners.  That way, one child cannot make a simple mistake that may endanger a much younger child that is also playing.  You might also want to cover any lights close to the ground that may be chewed by pets or toddlers.
Plugging In Your Outdoor Christmas Lights Safely
Most of the year, our outdoor electrical sockets are furnished with metal covers.  Smaller children are usually not in danger of electrocution because those metal covers are difficult to open.  However, when you install outdoor Christmas lights, you need to remember that those sockets are no longer closed.  Also keep in mind that animals may move close to the socket in colder temperatures and be tempted to chew on the wires.  Many problems can be avoided by constructing a small box to shelter the socket for the outdoor Christmas lights.

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