iCloud Photos Continues to Be the Best Cloud Library

Imgur, Google Photos, Flickr – the list of cloud storage services for anyone looking to store photos online keeps on growing. No service is perfect with the exception of one – iCloud Photos. After using just about every service there is available, the iCloud photo library continues to be the best I have ever used. 

Apple iCloud vs Google Photos

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Is it perfect? Not at all, but it still is great for my use case. As someone who owns an iPad, a Mac and an Apple TV it is very easy for me to sync all of my media in one place. Currently, I am using the 2 TB cloud plan which costs just under $10 a month and it’s more than enough for me and my family. 

The cloud library is built directly into iOS which makes it very easy for any third-party apps to get access to your library when you want to edit your photos or videos. But the service shines only because I have access to so many Apple devices. Would it be the same for someone who has devices from separate ecosystems? Not at all. 

What’s the next best thing that you can get your hands on if you are not going to use iCloud? I would recommend Google Photos. While it might not have specialist features like Flickr, it is one of the most convenient services to use. It is available in just about any platform you can think of and it is very easy to use. For non-Apple users, I would say both of them are tied in terms of what they offer. But if you are part of the Apple ecosystem, the value iCloud Photos offers is way ahead of anything else. 

Why iCloud Photos Continues to Shine 

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Ease of Uploads: There is nothing that beats out the upload system of iCloud photos. You can use any data streaming network to get your photos up on the cloud. A lot of cloud storage services do not let you upload a bunch of data using cellular data even if you have a great data plan. Being able to upload infinite data using cellular network is definitely great.

Sharing: Sharing content via iCloud photos is very simple. The Memories feature is what is the most interesting thing about Apple’s ecosystem. You can share all of your content on your Apple TV or as a slideshow from the app itself. We highly recommend it!

Universal Library: Your iCloud library syncs with your Photos app which is one of the best things about the service. You do not have to maintain two separate sets of photos on most services which is quite annoying. If you own Apple devices, it is all universal and makes things very convenient. 

The pricing of the service is also quite competitive unlike other Apple products that are known to be quite steeply priced. The service does have its flaws but by far it is near-perfect. If you want to delete photos from iCloud and learn to use the app, check out the linked guide.

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