How to Update Garmin Maps on your device 2019

The owner should know how to update the garmin maps on the navigator to ensure that the information is always relevant to them. You can use two ways to do so: purchase license and download from unofficial sources free of charge.

Official versions

The updating of the software by the permit requires two different options: a single download of the new cartes; lifetime club membership. The second method renders all new updates accessible during the navigator’s lifespan.

The purchase is made on the web or at any of the company’s official stores. When you purchase online, you can either pay for the purchase by bank transfer (with the aid of Moneta.ru or via the e-payment system) or cash for delivery.

You must sign up for my Garmin’s account before you purchase. You must first build one if there is no balance.

How do I install the updated official version?

Firstly, you have to connect to the computer and wait until it boots ultimately. You may bring the program in. Enter the GPS into the software and go to the Download tab in the application, where you will be able to view all the map updates (including those you have recently purchased). You can also use this program to download or install the Garmin Express program. The database can then be updated from Garmin Express. Tap “Download Details next to this tab and then Install The application will request you to adhere to the user agreement before deployment. Wait for the full update. The updated data is first downloaded to the program and sent to the computer afterward. This takes only 5 minutes. The mechanism is smooth. The application can then be opened, the computer disconnected. It will be easy to re-boot the Navigator and refresh the maps

After installing you may begin the installation

Once you add a map to the navigator, make sure the format is sufficient for the computer navigation system. Therefore, this system should be able to update its data Information from different sources can be downloaded.

Maps can be downloaded to your computers free of charge. In the first example, you should upload it to your device, modifying the file’s name to gmapsupp.img (if it has a different name).

Great. Important! Just a few devices can store many gmapsupp.img files. On the Garmin navigator, in most situations, only one such directory may be used.

Upon uploading, you can keep installing

1. Link the computer with the device When you’ve got a navigator, the card-reader PC will add the browser.

2. Turn your navigator to mode to allow data to be moved from and to (“Interface” – “Configuration” – “USB Mass Storage”).

3. Go to the Garmin or Map directory and transfer the gmapsupp.img archive there. Open it on your screen, or from him.

4. After copying, you can detach from your computer. There are no directories Map and Garmin in most versions 1xxx (1300, 1410, and other). In this case, a device must be opened on your PC (for example, 1410), and a directory is generated in your PC, and the file moved to it.

After the device has been removed, the map must be rebooted and modified. You must remove the old card to use it.

5. Click ‘ Settings ‘ from the ‘ Tools ‘ menu.

6. Select “Map” & “Advanced.” Take off the tick, position it next to the current click.

7. The updated data are now used by default.

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