How to Setup a WiFi Extender or WiFi Booster

If you need more WiFi coverage in your office or in home, you just have to look for a repeater that is easy to install and has the necessary scope to cover all the space you need. Products such as the TP-Link TL-WA850RE repeater, one of the best known in the sector. It is easy to install device which WiFi speeds reach up to 300 Mbps and that also includes an Ethernet port. So you can connect what you need in a wired way. If you prefer a Xiaomi signal amplifier, your Xiaomi USB White model is a good alternative. This extender has the capacity to extend the signal and also achieve speeds of up to 300 Mbps in a very compact size.

How to use a WiFi repeater

The WiFi repeater is the easiest and most economical solution for the WiFi network that we have in our office to reach everywhere. A process in which the variety of models modifies the way the product is used. Anyway, we will give you some guidance on how to proceed in this regard, so that you do not have too many problems when installing the repeater and access all its functions.

To start, it is necessary to look at what we are going to connect the repeater. It must be an area where there is WiFi network coverage. As if the repeater does not have a network it will not be possible to repeat anything. This does not apply to models with PLC technology, the corresponding plug you can obtain the signal through the power line. In any case, that connection zone must be as close as possible to the shadow zone of the network. So that the coverage of the new network generated is capable of solving existing connectivity problems.

Once the product is connected, it is time to link it to the network. At this point there are different installation modes and different ways of doing it. Among them we have the equipment that uses the WPS button to make this connection, those that use a specific app for that connection or the models that are configured through the browser. Check which system your repeater uses to connect and proceed according to the instructions indicated in the installation process.

If you have covered the process correctly so far, it will be time to start connecting the different devices to the network. This connection varies depending on the way in which we have configured the repeater, so in some cases it will be enough to connect to the same existing network and in others to the new network that was created during the installation process. A simple search of networks is more than enough to know which option to choose, in case you have doubts.

To close our tips, it is time to optimize performance. It is true that in many cases the attendees that include the installers of these products have already done the work for us, but it is worth checking. A process in which we must take a look at the safety measures of the repeater and the network, changing the default passwords that often includes the product. uTorrent Crack

It is also advisable to check the firewall configuration, in this case it is necessary to close it to avoid unwanted access. For maximum security, it never hard to activate MAC filtering, with which to prevent unauthorized computers from connecting to the network.

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