How to Select the Perfect Sizing of Skateboard

How to Select the Perfect Sizing of Skateboard

Skateboarding is really an enjoyable ride. Everyone of all ages can get a thrilling riding experience with a skateboard. But two things are required for this ride. One is the dedication and the other is a good and sturdy skateboard.

Perfect Sizing of Skateboard

As a beginner, all riders get confused while choosing a proper skateboard.  Here we will try to help those new riders to choose a proper and best skateboard for their ride. So, let the journey of skating begins.

First, let’s know about the most asked questions:

  1. Which skateboards will be best for new riders?
  2. How will I learn to ride a skateboard?
  3. Is skateboard size important?
  4. What is the proper size of a skateboard?

And many more…..

In this article, we’ve tried to give all answers that are frequently asked. Hope it helps.

Deck of skateboard:

The most important part of a skateboard is the deck. If the deck is not properly checked while purchasing, you will face problem while riding. The deck of the skateboard should be checked by width and length.

  1. Deck width:

Skateboard comes with different width. Most of them come with 7″ to 10″. But the exact size is not matter in skateboarding. It depends on personal or professional choosing.

You need to keep two factors in mind. The first factor is you have to choose upon your foot size and the tricks you want to apply. If the feet size is 12″or more than 7.75″ long skateboard is best. Personally, I am a proud owner of 13″feet and my skateboard contains 8″ wide deck.

The second factor is the way the skateboard will be used. If riders want to do tricks with skateboards then they should go for a skateboard with small decks and those who are Pool ride or transitions lovers should go for long deck skateboarders.

  1. Deck length:

This section is not so important. The standard size is 28″ – 33″and it is suitable for all.

Wheelbase of skateboard:

Wheelbase is mainly the space between the trucks. The standard measurement is 13”-15”. But the fact is new beginner needs no worry about this measurement. If a pro rider needs any change he can do the changes on the wheelbase.

Tail and nose:

Front and backside of a skateboard known asNose and Tail. The nose part is wide and blunt. On the other hand, the tail part is sharp and angled.

The nose helps in flipping and directing the way you want to go.

The size list of skateboard:

Here is the standard list of different skateboards:

For young riders

There are three types of skateboard size for kids whose ages are 6 to 12 years old.

  • Micro skateboard:

This skateboard is basically for youngsters who are less than 6-year-old and not more than 3′5″and wear 3 size shoes. The standard size of this skateboard is 6.5″ – 6.75″and the deck is 27.2″– 27.6″.

  •     Mini Skateboard:

This skateboard is also for minors who are 6 to 8 years old and their height is 3′ 5″- 4′ 4″ and wears 4-6 size shoes. The standard width is 7.0″and deck length is 28″.

  • Mid-size Skateboard:

This skateboard is most suitable for 9-12 years who are 4′ 5″- 5′ 2″ tall and wears shoe size with 7 to 8. The standard size is 7.3″+ and deck long is 29″.

For old riders:

7.5″ to 8″ – This is the standard deck size for most riders who skate on the streets or do more technical tricks with a shoe size of 11 or less.

This skateboard is best for 13-year-old who is 5′3″tall and feet size is 9. The standard width is 7.5″and deck length is 29″.

For those who love pools, vert, and cruising this skateboard is best for them. The standard width is 8″and deck length is 29″.

While choosing a skateboard, it will be better to take different person opinion especially who are professional skateboard riders to get proper idea about skateboard.

Hope this short but informative article will help all beginner skateboard rider who are little confused in choosing skateboards. And at the end, an important message to all of you – “Keep practicing to be a perfect rider and make sure to wear protective gears to get a safe and enjoyable riding performance.″

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