How To Prevent Bug Buildup From the Spring Season

How To Prevent Bug Buildup From the Spring Season

Spring is a perfect time to get out into the wild and spend some quality time with your vehicle. It’s also the time when many people find themselves with an extra mess on their hands (and fenders) from off-roading, mudding and simply driving around with the windows open, feeling the fresh air. Bugs can be an especially pernicious problem for anyone hoping to preserve their paint job. Read on for tips to help you keep your vehicle safe from the woes of insect onslaught this spring.

Use Tools To Your Advantage

The splats left by insects can be highly acidic and even contain sharp exoskeleton pieces, leading to the stripping away of your vehicle’s paint job and ultimately corrosion of the metal beneath. To avoid this catastrophe, be sure to clean off smears when you first notice them. Remember, the longer it sits, the worse it gets. Fortunately, products and tools have been developed specifically to clean and protect automobiles’ exteriors from this all-too-common mishap.

Stubborn bug guts can be a pain to scrub off, but automotive spray cleaners like Goo Gone or automotive wax sprays can do much of the heavy lifting, allowing you to wipe off stubborn grime and even tar with a mere microfiber cloth. A bug sponge can also be a great help in removing insect gunk without damaging the paint. Once serious stains and spots are cleaned, finish the job by giving your vehicle a standard wash and wax.

Shield Your Exterior

Committing to protecting your vehicle from bug buildup just might be that ounce of prevention that is worth a pound of cure. Look into protective additions like the 2018 F150 bug deflector, a type of ventshade that not only gives a truck a finished aesthetic but also diverts bugs and other flying debris up and away from the front of the automobile to prevent them from sticking in the first place.

In addition to installing the 2018 F150 bug deflector, drivers can add extra protection to their vehicles with regular waxing, giving special attention to the bumpers and hood where bug carcasses tend to find their final resting places. This can both prevent insects from sticking to your vehicle and also make cleaning them off quicker and easier in the future. For short-term bug protection, consider an automotive bug barrier spray. These solutions make the paint of your car extra slippery and can make an enormous difference on road trips or outdoor excursions.

Keeping bugs away can also be as simple as remembering to park inside the garage: Or, when that’s not possible, cover the windshield with a protective cover to keep away nighttime pests. Check your vehicle regularly for signs of wear and damage that insects can cause, and don’t forget to inspect the undercarriage and wheel wells.

This spring, don’t let bugs put a damper on your vehicular pleasures. Mitigate the buildup by taking care of splats and smatters early, using the correct products and tools to get the job done easily and efficiently. Carry on, off-roaders and open-window cruisers alike.

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