How To Find and fix duplicate content

Duplicate Content SEO Best Practices; how to find and fix it

There are countless web pages on the internet with content on different topics. The material and information present on more than one web page with no or very slight changes is known as duplicate content.

Publishing plagiarized, or duplicate content is an illegal practice, indeed. Whenever you want to secure a good rank in SERPs, your content should go through a plagiarism check to assure your work’s uniqueness and credibility.

There are AI-based tools via which we can detect Plagiarism to make our content distinguishing among others. 

How to Find Duplicate Content

There are many ways to detect duplicate content, but the most common and convenient one is using an AI-based tool to check for plagiarism. Plagiarismchecker.Co offers you a free online plagiarism checker to check for duplicate content within a few seconds without manual efforts. This plagiarism tool allows you to check duplication in your research papers, blogs, projects, and websites. You have to Copy and paste your content in this online plagiarism checker and then click the “Check Plagiarism” button.

With its deep search feature, this tool makes sure you get an in-depth similarity check. Its algorithms dive deep into the internet realm and search against a huge library of sources to bring accurate and thorough plagiarism test results.

How to fix duplicate content

Duplicate content might be a reason for your website’s failure, so there is a need to eliminate and fix such material. There are various approaches to avoid Plagiarism in your content.

  • Use AI Rewriter Tool

You can take help from an AI-based tool for plagiarism check and then use their rewriting feature to make your content unique. offers you a perfect tool to rewrite your duplicate content while retaining the text’s original concept intact. Its Paraphrasing tool helps you reword, rewrite, or paraphrase any sentence, paragraph, or text within a few seconds. Enter your text and click the “Rephrase Now” option to make your content unique.

  • Add Citations

You must learn how to cite your work appropriately. You can Use in-text citations to avoid Plagiarism. Don’t forget to add a reference page at the end of your document to assure your content’s uniqueness and credibility.

  • Use Quotation marks

Whenever you need to use the exact information from any source, you can use quotation marks to highlight the exact phrases and mention the author. It will guarantee the individuality of your content. Though, it is not allowed to quote more than 40 words.

  • Paraphrase your work manually

You can Rewrite all the duplicate information in your own words after a plagiarism check. Before including relevant material from different sources, search and read it thoroughly and develop a clear understanding. Now rewrite all the information in your own words to make a new piece of content to avoid Plagiarism. While rewriting doesn’t disturb the original idea.

  • Use reverse image search

Duplicate content can come in several forms. Whenever you need to add some photographs in your content, you can take support from reverse images searching to find the creator. Reverse image search helps you to link back to original websites to increase the trustworthiness and credibility of your work. Furthermore, with this technique, you will get many new and relevant ideas.

Consequences of Duplicate Content

Repetition of the same information adds no value to your content, and it has a lot of negative consequences such as:

  1. Penalty by Google

Google has no place for duplicate content as it carries an unpleasant user experience. If Google notices that your web content is the same as others, it will penalize your website for some time, or in severe cases, it will block you permanently.

  • Lower ranks

Websites with unique content will be on the first page of Google, and duplicate content containing websites will almost disappear from search results. Thus for coming first in SERP, the individuality of your content matters most.

  • Bad Impact on SEO

Search engines recognize duplicate content easily. Their algorithms are refined to know what signs to look for. They look at some facts, such as when you published a specific version on your website. After detecting the publishing dates, they will decide which is the original content. Hence if you have plagiarized material, your SEO rankings will go down mechanically. 

  • Loss of trustworthiness

If your consumers notice duplicate content on your website, they might think your site is not trustworthy. Therefore, it is mandatory to go through a plagiarism check to find and fix duplicate content.

  • Destroyed Reputation

Duplicate content damages your entire career and destroys your professional reputation among your competitors. Your consumers will step down to find something original. Duplicate material has no potential to get you collaborations, so your name and money may tumble down as well.

  • Lower DA score

Backlinks are important for increasing the domain and page authority score of any website. However, duplicate content fails to get a sufficient number of backlinks. As a result, their DA and PA scores will eventually drop.

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