Are you planning to go on a long trip? If you are planning so, then you have to carry your required gadget and gear with you during that trip. For this purpose, you have to have a good backpack with which you can carry them comfortably. If your backpack does not suit you, the tour will be painful for you. For this reason, you have to choose the best backpack from the market considering all the vital factors for a comfortable use. Besides, the backpack must be durable as you would not want to replace it for a long time.

For all of these reasons, we are providing you a thorough guideline on how to buy a good backpack to help you choosing a comfortable, secured, durable and suitable backpack for you.

Why are We Providing you a Good Backpack Buying Guideline?

The backpack is your home while you go on trekking outside your house as you keep your shelter, clothes, foods and all other necessary components for hiking. In the case of not choosing the perfect backpack, you will not be able to experience a sweet traveling memory. For helping you buying the perfect backpack from the market and giving you the best traveling experience, we have bought you a complete guideline of buying a good backpack.

What to Consider Before Buying a Good Backpack?

To choose the perfect backpack for traveling and trekking, you have to consider some vital factors. Here is a list those essential factors that you have to check out before buying a backpack. Let’s have a look at the factors.

Packing Capacity

You have to consider the packing capacity of your backpack while purchasing it. Determine your backpack’s capacity according to the duration of your trip. Also, in which season you are going to travel is a vital factor for determining the capacity of the backpack as you have to fit all your necessary components in it nicely.

Sizing and Fitting

While buying your backpack, make sure that the size of the backpack must compatible with you. That means the torso length must match with you. Moreover, the backpack must be well-fitted with you. You have to check out if your waist size can adjust with the heap belt or not.

Proper Weight Distribution

The weight distribution of the backpack must be perfect for a good experience of hiking. While trekking on mountains you will see that your body will adjust the additional load by leaning more forward than the flat track. In this situation, the majority of the load must fall on your hips and the rest should go on your shoulder. Proper weight distribution makes you comfortable both in hilly and normal tracks.

Weight of the Backpack

If your tour duration is not more than two or three days, light backpacks are good for you as you would not carry many things with you. But heavy backpacks provide you the features of suspension, padding and so on which lighter one does not have. It enables you to carry extra things with you for long trips and also ensures the longevity of the backpack.


You must check out if the backpack is comfortable to you or not. If you don’t feel comfort with your backpack you will not be able to move smoothly on your trips. Eventually, it also may cause severe pain in your body. As a result, you will get a bitter memory of your tour.


In this section of how to choose a good backpack, we will talk about an essential factor of your backpack which is durability. You may not have the intention to replace your backpack often. For this purpose, it should be durable and long lasting so that you can use it for a long time without any tension.

Frame Support

Good frame support is very important to transfer the weight to the hip belt. Generally, the stays are rod or bars. Also, they are made of stiff plastic HDPE in various packs. The thin sheet prevents the poking of the load on your back. So, check the frame support of the bag carefully.

Suspension System

The suspension system is the load supporting system of your backpack. Various backpacks come with the features of either adjustable or fixed suspension. Adjustable suspension is suitable for using as you can set your backpack position on your shoulder according to your torso length.


The ventilation system of the backpack should be good for your comfort while trekking. The internal frame keeps the backpack attached to your body and impedes the airflow which causes sweating on the back. Now, most of the backpacks have the feature of the tension-mesh suspension system or a channel to provide enough airflow on the back.

Hydration Reservoir

Now, most of the backpacks have a compartment to hold the hydration reservoir. Additionally, there is a port for routing the sip tube on each side of the backpack. Besides, the other packs have elasticized mesh holder for keeping water pots.

Hip-belt and Straps

You must look out if the hip-belt of your backpack is comfortable to you or not. Also, check the adjustability of the belts. Hip-belts offer you to keep food or camera in its pockets also. Besides, you must also check the load-bearing straps which keep the load close to your body.

Rain Covers

While you are on a trip, there might start of a rainfall during your trekking. Generally, the backpack interiors are waterproof but when there is heavy rainfall, the water may go inside through the zippers. For this reason, rain covers are very important for resisting the rain water. Check out the rain covers before buying the backpack.


In the last section of the article on how to buy a good backpack, we will help you to buy your suitable back considering the cost. The Very low-cost bag is not much durable. But in a mid-range cost, you can purchase a good quality backpack that a traveler needs. If you have a good amount of bucks, they go for the high-quality backpacks.

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Lastly, we can say that the above-mentioned guideline will be very helpful for you. By reading this guideline, hope you will be able to figure out how to buy a good quality backpack. Now you will be conscious about the important factors to consider during the time of buying a good backpack.

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