How Online Gaming In India Has Grown Up To Become A Billion-Dollar Industry?

The Indian gaming industry is growing rapidly. The current worth of the Indian Gaming Industry is a staggering $890 million and is touted to hit $1.1 billion by 2020 and the number of gamers is projected at a staggering 628 million. With the demand for games on an upswing, the number of full-fledged game developing companies has gone up to 250 in the recent past from a mere 25 in 2010. 

These astounding numbers became possible due to large scale smartphone penetration throughout India and the falling data prices. A few decades back, online gaming was considered a hobby only for the elite section of the society. Things have changed a lot in these years – smartphone prices have been slashed, more free games are now available, affordable pay-for-play games have made this possible. 

India – A Young Market For Gaming

The phenomenal growth of the online gaming industry in the country owes to the fact that youngsters make up a major chunk of India’s population. India is a very young country by age. Half of its population is made up of people under 25. According to an estimate by Bloomberg, India will have the world’s largest workforce in 2027. That’s some astonishing sign for the potential investors who would have the labor supply in abundance.

The Indian market is a lush and fecund ground for gaming development companies. One of the advantages of catering games to a young country like India is that youngsters are more prone to try out new games as they have more exposure to technology and online platforms. This explains the huge success of games like PubG, Pokemon Go, Clash of Clans, and Age of Empires. These days, at the tap of a screen, a player can download a game from the AppStore/PlayStore on to his Smartphone and start playing instantly. Additionally, technology has enabled more people to access archaic games like classic rummy, ludo, business, and poker that were already popular among Indian gamers. This takes the players belonging to all age groups down on a nostalgic trip remembering their young days. 

Rising smartphone numbers have created a stable market for gaming in India. Another astounding find is that the players are not skeptical about investing in games these days. This may be done through in-app purchases for games like PubG or following a pay-and-play model like some Rummy portals have. 

The Rise Of E-Sports Teams

E-sports teams have come a long way in India. Though still, it’s at its nascent stage, the signs are positive with several gaming sites coming into host tournaments and events to promote the game. Skill-based card games Poker and Online Rummy are the two games that have found incredible popularity among the tournament enthusiasts. Rummy tournaments are hot among the youngsters of India as they come with huge prize pool. People prefer to play rummy online on the move since the emergence of the Rummy Mobile App. The massive success of the Poker Sports league which was conducted offline has prompted Viaan Industries to start the Online Team Poker league. So, there is no need to have any second thoughts about the players’ interests. 

However, the industry is not without its share of problems. The support at the grassroots level to encourage gaming as a career is still largely missing. That’s the reason Indian youngsters are hesitant to take up gaming as a full-fledged career option. The viewership for e-sports leagues and tournaments are low when compared to other developed countries, because of which the e-sports team has a tough time finding sponsors to take it to the next level despite picking up steam initially. Despite the massive internet penetration, the data speed is on the slower side when compared to the developed countries. This worsens once you hit the rural parts of India. However, the heartening aspect is that the government has initiated measures to take internet connectivity to remote locations. With some proper channeling and guidance, e-sports could become a staple of the Indian sports TV channels. 


These are days when game developers and publishers are receiving unabated demand for high-quality games from the users. Players are more open than ever before to invest in online games. India is turning out to be a fecund place for online gaming with scope for experimentation. The key to achieving sustainable growth would be to localize the product in a way that appeals to the end user. We foresee tremendous growth potential for the Indian gaming industry and also a wide increase in the number of users who are willing to pay.

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