How Android App Development can be beneficial for your business in 2019

Android app development is one area that business owners today can’t afford to ignore. Most businesses today are expressing their interest in mobile apps in order to expand their businesses to a whole new and vast customer base. At the moment of writing, Android OS clearly dominates the app development market with over 86% shares. Therefore, the benefits of adopting Android applications have become a necessity for businesses and organizations.

Precisely speaking, android app development incorporates operational as well as strategic benefits for businesses. Thus, considering all this, businesses are focusing more and more upon android app development to excel themselves to new levels of growth.

Android App Development – The Benefits:

If you want to gain an insight regarding the benefits of assisting an android app development company for your business, this guide will be the right mentor for you.

Here are some of the major benefits for businesses in employing a talented android app development company for their applications:

1. Extended Number of Android Users:

Looking to expand your business to new zones? The Android platform allows your business to reach a vast audience across the world. This is based on the fact that the Android platform clearly dominates the market in terms of business shares and is used by millions of users across the world. Moreover, Android features good enough penetration within the IOS strongholds.

Another major benefit of choosing Android is that your business application never gets outdated even when a newer Android OS version is launched. This is due to the Platform fragmentation feature offered by Android OS. On the other hand, IOS has only a few limited versions that are available in the market and thus, going for IOS can easily keep your application obsolete.

2. Easily Customizable Apps:

As far as customization is concerned, Android clearly holds an upper hand over the IOS platform. The Android framework allows developers to develop extremely appealing and engaging applications with a state-of-the-art touch of innovation, both in terms of functionalities and layouts. It offers a wide range of options to the application developers as well. Android also allows its developers to make use of launcher apps.

3. Google Support:

Google is the main supporting hub behind Android, which concludes that Android apps can easily be integrated with Google apps and services. For instance, the Google Assistant feature is much more effective and smarter than Siri since it is supported and backed by Google developers. Your business application can make use of features like Google Assistant to accommodate customized routines and other benefits on the Android platform. Driver Easy Crack

Thus, Google support is perhaps the biggest reason for your business to go with Android app development rather than IOS.

4. Marketing and Promotional Opportunities:

A large number of global Android device makers is another major benefit to choose Android. Android OS offers a rather open ecosystem that is supported by a wide variety of devices. Moreover, the Android platform allows you to submit the application to a variety of app stores such as the Amazon app store and GetJar.

Android apps are traffic-driven apps that make use of SEO techniques to drive more traffic to your business apps. If you employ the services of a reliable and competent Android app development company, they will make sure that your business app gets promoted at its best, simply by implementing the best SEO practices and techniques, social media marketing, content marketing and web page optimization in your application. Thus, you can increase your brand reputation via your app to new extents.

In this era, startups and organizations face massive competition in terms of brand marketing globally. Your Android app can prove to be a really important tool in that context. If the developed app is robust and high-performing, it will surely help you gain an upper hand over your competitors in terms of brand marketing.

Furthermore, the Android platform enables you to instrument high mobility at the workplace because the majority of your employees are expected to use Android devices.

Thus, it’s always necessary to start your business app on the Android platform for a vast target audience and increased total productivity and profit. Although Android app development is generally more expensive than IOS app development, it’s still worth the price. The high cost is attributed to the fact that Android apps are subjected to various test cases across a variety of devices. They are, still, expected to turn more profit for your business than IOS apps.

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