Hobbies for The Less Mobile

Reduced mobility can unfortunately be a common part of elderly life. But that does not mean that people with decreased mobility are unable to enjoy time outdoors. In fact, according to the Live In Care Hub (www.liveincarehub.co.uk) elderly people with limited mobility greatly benefit from regular time spent outdoors. Below are a few great outdoor activity ideas for the less mobile.

Bird watching

Bird watching is an exciting and rewarding hobby that requires almost zero mobility needs. Even people who are permanently confined to a wheelchair can actively participate in bird watching. Bird watching requires nothing more than a pair of binoculars and a love of nature. In fact, because birds are everywhere, even people without access to transportation can bird watch from the comfort of their garden.

Take a wheelchair hike

Today many parks have taken steps to provide accessible trails to allow people with limited mobility, or who are confined to a wheelchair, the opportunity to enjoy all of what the park has to offer. There are also all terrain wheelchairs that can be used in areas where standard wheelchairs may have difficulty.


Tending a garden can not only be very relaxing, it can also provide a sense of purpose. Gardening often requires little mobility capabilities and is a great motivation for getting outside regularly. In fact, the Better At Home Report suggests that having an accessible garden at home can significantly decrease the risk of depression in both people experiencing limited mobility, as well as the elderly.

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