Helpful Beginner’s Quick Guide On How to Navigate Maps.Me Offline

For the individuals who love to travel, utilizing maps would be of great assistance. It is excellent that there are some accessible online and offline maps. They help in finding the best directions for the spots that we need to go to. Also, these maps provide an accurate location.

In any case, online maps can’t be so great when we are not familiar with the place we live in. It is because we need to connect with the internet to get to them. Once in awhile, we can’t depend on the internet because the connection may be unreliable. This is when offline maps would be helpful. Not just that you need not stress over the signal, but also you can save your data allowance.

What Is Maps.Me

Maps.Me previously named MapsWithMe is a versatile application for Android, iOS, and Blackberry. It is a free, open-source portable application that gives offline maps utilizing OpenStreetMap data. It is a guide with navigation and direction, maps me is an offline map application for travel. It may be downloaded to access all the maps and GPS regardless of whether you are offline.

Navigate Maps.Me

It has a broad scope of features, and one of these is it permits its users to utilize the built-in editor. This application helps in finding the course and exact distance of the place you need to go to from your current location. Not to mention, it is excellent in showing trail routes.

Main Functions And Features

Just like any other application, Maps.Me has its primary function and features: fast offline map searching, sorted places by categories, and saving data even offline. You may also save your location and share it with other people, check traffic in over 30 countries, allows to know the user’s location through GPS, will enable you to book your hotel through and many more.

Navigating Maps.Me Offline

Once you have successfully downloaded the application, you may now start accessing it offline. Just download the GPS file, you can find it in your My Hike portal. Click on the offline mobile maps button then select “Open” to start the download. Once it is successful, you’ll receive a prompt to open it.

Once you open the file, you’ll be asked to choose the program to be used, choose Maps.Me. If you have set another map application as your default option, you will not see the Maps.Me unless you select “More.” A notification will be sent once the GPS file has been successfully loaded. You may start moving your screen to the trail and start exploring.

Using The GPS Services

To activate GPS, you need to enable your device’s location services. It is possible to do it as sim pinging is possible to any nearby cell towers. This permits utilizing GPS navigation, also, with the assistance of Maps.Me application on your cell phone, you are allowed to use the information with offline maps.

For outside travelers that don’t have internet access, your location will still be available as long as you enable GPS work on your device. It is because GPS service will not require a cell signal to function. GPS works freely with your signal, so as long as you downloaded the maps needed in advance, then it can be accessed offline.


Navigation applications are significant because they offer a distinct navigational advantage. They make you increasingly equipped as dealing with the time, the place you need to go, and how you get in that place is just at your fingertips.

There are a lot of map applications accessible that can be utilized online and offline. Nevertheless, we have to search for applications that are useful even offline. Maps.Me will be an excellent choice. Since many individuals are contributing to this application, we can be certain that it is dependable. Besides, it gives exact directions, offline maps, coordinates, and numerous other essential functions for travelers.

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